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Thread: Submarina Subs

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    Edmond Submarina Subs

    Looks like a new sandwich chain will be coming to the metro, I found the following post on Craigslist.



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    Default Re: Submarina subs coming to Edmond

    I drove down Danforth yesterday and noticed this place going in.

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    They are billed as California subs and I can see why when looking at the menu. Very heavy on turkey and chicken.


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    Default Re: Submarina subs coming to Edmond

    And their bean sprouts bar is second to none.

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    Default Re: Submarina subs coming to Edmond

    They better improve on the serving time. I just stopped by. I spent 5 minutes waiting in a line ten people deep. the line never moved so I left. I can't stand inefficiency. I'll go back again and see if things have gotten better cause I'd like to try their sandwiches. If it's slow again then I won't go back.

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    Default Re: Submarina subs coming to Edmond

    They're under new owners now and things have supposedly improved dramatically.

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    Default Re: Submarina subs coming to Edmond

    I'll have to give it another try. I stopped by for lunch one day shortly after it opened, and I was severely underwhelmed. It was just a sandwich. Nothing special. The service was slow and unhelpful. They just kind of stood there and looked at you. Now that it's under new ownership, maybe I'll give it another shot sometime.

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    Default Re: Submarina subs coming to Edmond

    Yea, I ate there a month ago. I ordered my food, and was trying to ring up. The girl was literally at the cash register, texting while I was waiting. She made me stand there while she finished up texting. All she said to me was the price and that was it. As soon as I payed, she went right back to texting. Super annoying. Makes me feel like I was totally interupting her, and not welcome.

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