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Thread: Weird format?!?

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    Default Weird format?!?

    I know this isn't the right place to post this but I figured I would get answered fastest here.. Whenever I go to OKCTalk.com on my computer the website comes up in some weird format where everything looks really different. Is there a setting or something I accidently changed? Please help!! I can't stand looking and the site this way... Sorry again for posting it here, just need a quick answer! Thanks!

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    Usually would indicate that cache and cookies need to be cleared.

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    THANK YOU!!!! Your awesome! That fixed it! Apparently I've never encountered that before... Thanks again. (Pete feel free to delete this thread)

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    When sites display abnormally (usually it happens with NewsOK.com), quitting out of my browser and in some extreme cases rebooting the computer will do the trick (that may be = to clearing the cache and cookies).

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    I looked through the entire site last night trying to figure out what I changed.. I didn't even think about rebooting the computer because it was only happening on this site.

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