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Thread: 48 Hour Film Project - Screening

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    Default 48 Hour Film Project - Screening

    If you are a fan of independent film, come out to the Kerr Auditorium, Friday Night, August 26, to see 11 local films that were produced last weekend (August 19-21).

    Last Friday night, teams participated in a random draw for genre, then were given story elements including: Character Name, Prop & dialogue to be used in the film.

    Over the next 48 hours, teams wrote, shot and edited their films.

    There are a lot of talented film makers in the area. Please come out to show your support.

    Winning films move on to National and International competitions. The Top 10 films this year will be screened at Cannes Film Festival.


    Our film "Sucker" is one of the entries.
    I hope to see you there!

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    Default Re: 48 Hour Film Project - Screening

    This will be a great event. I heard that Video Heist School by Arthur Loewenkamp is the film to see. I've heard a lot about this dude's tactics, he is beyond his years. I hope that this film in particular lives up to the hype, but will enjoy viewing all of the entries. The 48 Hour Film project is a very cool idea.

    I'll definitely check out "Sucker" - good job @BigBadBen

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    Default Re: 48 Hour Film Project - Screening

    sounds good!

    This is the first year the 48 Hour Project has been to OKC. I hope the filmmakers and the audience make an impact, so it becomes a yearly event in our great city!

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