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Thread: Ranchwood Grill - Yukon

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    Default Ranchwood Grill - Yukon

    Does anyone know Ranchwood has closed? I went this weekend and the place was gutted, nothing inside and ladders around as if they were painting. I couldn't tell if they are closed or remodeling.

    The reason I ask is I purchased two Wimgo deals last month for them and would hate to see they closed.

    If this needs to be moved to the food section, let me know.

    I assume their closed because their phone number takes you to AT&T offering to find a similar business.

    Also, if anyone else is in the same boat here is what Wimgo has posted on their site:
    If the business closes and your voucher has not been redeemed, we will refund your money. Please call us at 1-855-GO-WIMGO or email us at help@wimgo.com with the details.

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    They're gone. There is a banner stating "donuts coming soon" on the front of the building.

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