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Thread: S.W 25th street in Fritts Farm Development

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    Default S.W 25th street in Fritts Farm Development

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    Default Re: S.W 25th street in Fritts Farm Development

    Looks like that area might be trying to become more urban. Good!

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    Default Re: S.W 25th street in Fritts Farm Development

    The facebook content is "unavailable right now" but Fritts Farm could become a cool project, but again, right now what we have is a strip mall that wants to take credit for a new urbanist development. I will give it credit once it becomes more than a strip mall, and so far, I haven't seen that they're ready to break ground. But I hope it is true, and I'm glad that finally landing Target has elevated what is possible on that land.

    It would be ironic if the metro's first mixed-use new urbanist project went in Moore, after a few near-hits in Edmond and Norman, even Yukon.

    That fire station they built behind the Target is the one that should have gone into Bricktown. Well actually, all of Moore's new fire stations are pretty nice, actually..

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    Default Re: S.W 25th street in Fritts Farm Development


    "One concept we are considering for future development of 25th Street. 25th Street is offset to the south of the existing street with the median placed over the high pressure gas line. On each side is one traffic lane plus a bicycle lane with reverse angle parking on both sides."

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    Default Re: S.W 25th street in Fritts Farm Development

    Yeah Matt, why is everyone showing me this? Yeah, I think it's awesome, I hope it comes true. I have just seen my fair share of big disappointments... UNP, Yukon town centers, Tuscana, The Falls, Covell Town Center, all up and down Memorial, and on and on.

    Oh, and behind 25th I believe they are actually planning a cottage-style neighborhood (perhaps an attempt at something like a north side hood?) that will be integrated with this "main street" of sorts. So I really like the overall concept of what they want to do here, at least.

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    Default Re: S.W 25th street in Fritts Farm Development

    I was showing it to you because you said the facebook content was unavailable. Didn't know if you've seen it or not.

    I agree though it has potential. They seem to have more momentum though that other projects did not seem to have. UNP, just didn't have the momentum that 19th street in Moore has had, urban or suburban.

    We'll see how this turns out.

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    Default Re: S.W 25th street in Fritts Farm Development

    Ahh okay, well I saw the plans in the paper version of the Moore American.

    Well UNP was a case of a developer who got the TIF he wanted and then had no motivation to do a good job, so then the economic conditions became a perfect excuse for him to do a simple cheapo strip mall project rather than rise to the standards that were set. Or generally, a classic bait and switch, in terms of the plans.

    UNP actually has better demographics as well as a bigger Target, so there's no doubt a better developer could have pulled off a higher-quality project. Fritts Farm is just leveraging the interest Target brings in order to line-up tenants for a nicer part of the development.

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