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Thread: Patty Wagon

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    Possibly moving to the old Whataburger location at NW 35th and May? The trailer has been parked in the parking lot for about 2 weeks. Even looks like somebody started painting the car port columns orange and black.

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    Noticed it there this weekend as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry OKC View Post
    Noticed it there this weekend as well
    I've noticed it there as well. would be a good location i think.. I miss Whataburger there.. and hate seeing the old building abandoned and whited out

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    Patty Wagon just reopened at the old Whataburger on 35th and May. Had it last week. As good as when they had just the truck. They now accept debit/credit cards too.

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    Went by there Monday after I got off work (just after 7 pm) and the place was deserted, locked up and no one home. No hours posted either or days of operation. Are they closed on Mondays, like Divine Swine further up on May? Are they only open for lunch maybe?

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    Patty Wagon has always been awful about holding consistent hours. Just follow him on twitter and hope you catch him.

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    i dont do twitter...so guess I wont be going there unless they happen to be open when I happen to drive by, when I happen to be hungry...

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    I pass by it all the time its close to my house.. but I assumed they were still just working on it because it never appears to be open.

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    Was going to go by there again today but remembered it was Monday again...LOL

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    Stopped by Monday anyway on the way to someplace else and they were closed BUT they also have their hours now posted (closed Mondays)...thnk they are open until 8 pm weekdays and 10 pm on weekends? Anyway, will try to remember to go by there after work today

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    Went by Tuesday and they were open!!! They weren't busy (but it was 3 in the afternoon). The staff was friendly and attentive. Food came out quick, hot & fresh. Burger was VERY good...great square bun, think it was a half pound of meat (or seemed like it anyway)...it was the "Beanie Burger" which was sort of a mashup between a burger and a Frito Chili Pie. Unique and tasty. Only downside was the AC wasn't working very well (it is in a decades old building) but wasn't too uncomfortable like Dickies BBQ. Also, tell them how you want the fries done. Mine were overcooked. But i will be back

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    They are offering a great deal through eataroundokc.com: $10 for $20 of food:


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    Went there the other day with a friend from out of town. Very good burgers, the buns are different than your typical burger restaurant but in a good way.

    Had a blue cheese burger which was excellent. Keep it Local card works here too!

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    I've never heard of this place and it's pretty close to work, I'll have to give them a try.

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    I advise it. Very good, albeit slightly slow at lunch.

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    I'll have to try them again. Went once with the usual group and we were not impressed. It was also dead at noon.

    Maybe I'll go by on my next 'cheat day.'

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    Went to the Pattywagon this weekend (at 35th and May) on the recommendation of a good friend. I absolutely loved the hamburger, there. It didn't hurt that it was quality local ingredients, but that wasn't the reason I liked it so much. It was simply one of the best hamburgers I've had in a long time.

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    I talked to Bryce this weekend at a friend's wedding and he said they are having their one year anniversary this Saturday from 1-6. They will have live music, prizes, a moon bounce and arts and crafts for the kids.

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    Noticed that Pattywagon made the top 5 finalist in their category over at Readers Choice Awards 2013

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    I drive by there every day, but it always looks closed. Based on the posts here, I'm going to have to give it a go.

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    I was there, again this weekend, and was, again, saddened that I no longer want hamburgers anywhere else (except I still want to try Tuck's Onion Burgers).
    Love this place.

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    I have a good friend who is family friends with the owners family. She called me Monday to let me know that Bryce Musick, the founder and owner of Patty Wagon passed away this past weekend. He was 32 years old. He had been battling brain cancer for the past five years and had at least four surgeries that I knew of. I went to the restaurant today and it was still open. Not sure what they are going to do going forward.

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    That's really sad news. I didn't know him outside of the restaurant, but Bryce seemed like a really nice guy who was usually happy to be making great food. I do hope someone decides to keep Patty Wagon open - it's a nice addition to the neighborhood.

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    Sad, sad news. Not long ago, Bryce took the time to come and sit at our table, introduce himself and then just shoot the breeze with us. When our little girl said she was still hungry, Bryce got up and made her another burger. Very customer-centered. I sure hope his family can continue their success.

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    Oh, how sad. He was always so friendly. And the food there is great.

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