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Thread: Okc 50s-60s Racism Pics/Links

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    I've been reminded at the OBA lawyer website, Oba-Net, that nostalgia is fine but that it only reflects nostalgia though eyes of like-minded (in this case, like-skinned) folk through white-skinned-eyes. That's all too true. And, so, my "refresh' button has been pushed vis a vis the 1950's-1960's racial events that occurred in downtown Oklahoma City, perhaps beginning with the Katz Drug Store sit-in that occurred in 1958, I think.

    What that tells me is that I need to add these impressions/pictures of these events in the 50s - 60s this time period, as well, to what is already present at www.dougloudenback.com/downtownOKC.htm.

    Do any of you have links/pictures that you'd be willing to share in this regard?


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    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Thanks, Karrie,

    I'd already found that link and had discarded it. The Calvary Baptist Church link focuses mostly on its own importance as opposed to what I'm actually looking for - straightforward images of what happened in the 50's and 60's.

    What I'm looking for is images of the Civil Rights issues as they literally and historically presented themselves in the 50s and 60s, such as the sit-ins at Katz Drug Store and elsewhere. I know that I've seen them somewhere, but as yet I've not been able to relocate them. In addition to the Katz pics, there were marches involving Carlton Heston, I think.

    So, I'm still looking.

    Thanks, though, for your link.


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    Spend some time in the photo archives at the Oklahoma Historical Society. You will find many great images -- including the Katz images -- from that era.

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    Thanks, soonerguru,

    If that's what I have to do (to get pics I can post), I will. I've made a request to the Daily Oklahoman to use 3 of its pics at http://photos.newsok.com/civilrights082703/ but, given what was said in my oral communication with the contact person at OPUBCO this morning, I'm not optimistic that the "permission" request will be granted. The general impression I have was that OPUBCO might want to be paid $$ for the permission. But, I've made my request, and I presume that I'll know soon whether OPUBCO will require a payment for use of its pics, the 3 I've requested, which include (1) policemen arresting a white minister at a protest, (2) a march downtown, including Carlton Heston, and (3) a sit-in at Anna Maude Cafeteria in the old Perrine Building (now Robinson Renaissance).

    This problem would be eliminated if OTHER pics of this time-period in downtown Okc were on the web ... but the OPUBCO site, above, is the ONLY site I've located which has any, which amazes me. I've looked a lot ... but maybe I've missed something.

    So, my request for help with this remains open, if anyone can.


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    Doug- Really like the site and the pics. Very cool. The Biltmore destruction is a bit of nostalgia for me, probably b/c my dad talked about it so much. I was pretty young when it happened, but remember it well.

    Obviously, I have no pictures to offer (I wasn't even a thought in the 60s), but will look forward to perusing your website a bit more.

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    My request to the Daily Oklahoman to have permission to use 3 of its sit-in pictures (which are located in the link before the pictures actually begin at this page: http://www.dougloudenback.com/downtown/vintage/1950.htm ) has fallen on deaf ears.

    The reply I received (as if I was asking permission to BUY anything, which I wasn't, just to copy & post) was: "My supervisor said the only websites we can sell photos to would be nonprofit or state agencies. Because your website is a commercial site we cannot sell them for you to use. I apologize for the inconvenience."

    So, this is a last attempt to keep it simple (and avoid the legwork & permission-getting that may be needed) to get a few simple pics of the 1958 sit-ins.

    Probably, if you had 'em, you'd already have said so. I just thought it was worth one last try.


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    Go to the Historical Society and ask for Chester Cowan. He is very helpful. You won't believe the treasure trove they have in their archives.

    I cannot emphasize this enough.

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