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    Default Weird television for Championship game

    Did anyone besides me, notice how far off the camera work was for the Oregan-Auburn game. Look at this photo of what ESPN did for that game. See link.

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    Default Re: Weird television for Championship game

    Dinna even realize it. I guess I dinna notice because I wasn't real attuned to the teams and only caught bits of the game until the final minutes

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    Default Re: Weird television for Championship game

    Maybe camera placements had to change to allow for 3D cameras? I have no idea. Just a thought.

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    Default Re: Weird television for Championship game

    Camera placements are different in all stadiums and arenas. The UoP Stadium may have them in a higher and further back location than the Superdome which is an old stadium. Kind of like how watching games broadcast from Gallagher-Iba looks like you are watching coaches game film, after the remodel they moved the camera positions up and really changed the point of view for the TV audience.

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