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Thread: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

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    Default 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    Mid Del Schools has called for a $125 million bond vote on December 14th. Its purpose to close and tear down several schools in the district, remodel and expand others.
    Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    Seems to have done some good in OKC. Hopefully Norman will someday soon fully ditch and not cling to the modular classroom dependency of the past. There's been progress, but not as much as there could be

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    It's about consolidation and remove redundancy as the population distribution in the district changes. Do we really need Sooner Rose and Traub elementaries 1/2 a mile away from each other? No. If you look at the populations, the Del City side has been slowly losing ground...in fact they are going to be 5A soon since they are at the bottom of the ASDM numbers....#32 to be exact in the last count. Now that West Side is also empty, why keep it? They always had to come up with reasons to keep the building popluated.

    So I'm really in favor of it. Unfortunately, when they brought it up last time, they had a lot of people give the old arguement of "i went to this school and so should my kid". So that totally ignores the issue and doesnt fix anything.

    I do wish the district would advertise more what their plan is. The last slideshow they had on it (which is on their site) isn't valid anymore and doesn't really tell you what they are going to do anyway.

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    Good points so far. Havent really decide if for or against, just want to get more information other than the little blurb in the paper

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    I think that the proposal is absurd. Spending that amount of money in this economy shows the utter contempt that the school administration holds for the voters. If the administration was remotely accountable they would have sold the redundant schools to allow newer development and more tax revenue.

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    Have found out they intend to close, Traub, Rose, West Side and Jarman, ALso Kerr and Highland Park.
    Gonna double the size of Del Crest and Townsend and move other admin function to Monroney.
    Several new schools proposed to include Country estates and a new one out east........

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    I can see reasoning for everything but Jarman. The middle school kids feeding Jarman would go to Monroney? That's a long way - probably would need bus service increased for some neighborhoods.

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    I think part of Jarman's reasoning is that so much of the place is sooooo old and not well maintained. I went to jarman and really enjoyed my time there. But I won't be super duper sad to see it go. What I do think, is that they need to doze it and rebuild it somewhere rather than just tossing another middle school. They've said for quite some time they think Monroney can handle all of the students....but I've always looked at it and thought....um Monroney isn't the size of MCHS and that's the population you're talking about squeezing in there...about 600 more kids. Seems like Monroney really isn't prepared to handle that unless they increase it by several wings. And if you're going to do that, then why not just rebuild Jarman in phases? I'm all for consolidating elementary schools, but the middle schools don't seem empty enough for it to make sense to me.

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    What does the school district intend to do with the profit from selling the schools? Some of the sites they're looking to sell have major commercial development potential. Any chance they're going to scale back future bond issues for awhile?

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    Bombermwc - I agree - another middle school is needed to replace Jarman.
    It's too bad that, historically, at least part of Jarman (the original MCHS) can't be preserved. As the OSM slowly gets renewed, we lose some of the flavor of the neighborhood. Progress is good - but so is history so we can see our roots.

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    I have never heard of Jarman in my entire life attending to Mid-Del schools!

    I agree on demolishing West Side, but only to flatten the land to make it pretty and ready to be sold.

    Sooner Rose needs to be long gone and so do those yellow lights.

    Traub needs to be resold for other uses and remove the yellow lights and the stop light.

    Highland Park? Never heard of it.

    No reason to terminate Kerr. Expand, yes, please. Terminate? Hell no.

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    Thunder - have you never attended a football game at Rose Field in MWC? The building just to south of Rose Field is Jarman Middle School, home of the Rockets. The original MWHS was built there.

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    I don't remember. Rose Field? My memory gone shot. lol

    Oh, wait, when did MWCHS relocate? I am trying hard here to remember. Oh, the MWCHS is behind the school board office building is where I took my DL courses.

    Yeah, the school behind the new shopping center. I went to that field once when DCHS and MWCHS played together. I thought that school was MWCHS, but then again the other one was, too. Hmm, I did not really pay much attention. lol I remember that school there, but been a long time since I drove by it. Knew of a school there, went to the football field there once, but never knew of the Jarman name. :-O

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    Thunder...wow. Let me give you some background. Mid-Del schools started at Jarman. It was the original school...the first. It started as temporary sctructures until they area raised enough money to start building an actual school. It served as THE school until they started splitting things out. MCHS moved to 15th St (and if you've never seen it, all i can say is that you must be really blind). About the same time, they built East and West Side elementaries. That's the period when Mid-Del exploded as the population in the Mid-Del area also exploded. MCHS was actually rebuilt on it's current site as well...so what you see now isn't anything like what it was when it first moved. I'm told the first building on 15th was pretty crappy. For some more detailed info on the history, I can direct you to the MCHS Band website... http://bomberband.com/history.html

    Jarman isn't as rough as it once was though either. An airplane crashed into the building back in the 60's or early 70's...can't remember which. It burned a lot of the building so about half of the school isn't that old. Really, the only OLD part is the far west section that's the old "house" type construction. Mrs. Woodard, Cody, Dobbs, Hennsesy, Mr Adams, etc. were all on that end when I was there. There's never been anything specatular about the building, but they made significant improvements my Freshman year. They repainted everything inside, put new flooring down, and then replaced the lockers the next year. The doors all sucked, but honestly, I never felt like it was any more crappy than any other school in the district. What it does have against it is that it's not very friendly for upgrades. Modern technology doesn't fit well in that building and it's always had to be "made to work". Even the computer labs at that time were squeezed in there.

    I wish they had kept the gymnatorium though. It's been a LONG time since they bricked up that wall and just left it as the second gym, but it would have been better than the cafetorium crap they have now...that NO ONE uses. That little dinky stage isn't worth anything. Here's a picture of what it WAS like:

  15. Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    Thunder, I think you'll appreciate these: Here are two shots of the MCHS Band playing at the opening of Crossroads Mall

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    Yep, in watching the video put out by the school board, it would appear they are really wating a lOT of money just in basic maintenance of these 50+ year old buildings. From a financial standpoint most buildings do reach a end of useful life span and renovations of such old buildings can be more expensive than just build new.
    Kerr Jr High kinda sucks as my three all went there but it has burned down twice and is the home of the ONLY school student homicide in the district and that was in 73. I also understand that Kerr is in the Tinker air base flight zone and if something ever happened to it again it could NOT be rebuilt so I would consider this a reasonde stratigic move to replace it while they can......................$125 million though wow...my aching back. Some times I think I am the only donkey pulling the load

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    Redskin, when did Kerr burned down twice? Using the term, burned down, technically states the entire complex to the ground. Last I checked, it is all still standing. It is a great school and I went there for 3 years. Very spacious, too. There really is no need or reason to demolish this school.

    You mentioned the flight zone... LOL! There are other houses in the area. And right behind the school, there are new businesses slowly developing as a shopping plaza/center.

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    kerr severely burned in the 80's and again in the 90's both times rebuildable.
    Yes if you look at the Tinker Flight path overlay it is in the APZ zone

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    Interesting history. Whole time I was there not a single noticeable scar or new bricks. Fascinating.

    I still do not think it should be destroyed.

    Did the fire happen during school hours?

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    No, both of them were after hours and I think the second one was during Christmas break........But Frankly I would have to check with some old fire guys for an accurate answer

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    The district does a good job of maintaining, it does well with the bond money that it's patrons give through passage of bonds. Interesting is that we can get so much for not raising or taxes, it is a continuation of the existing tax which is the way the schools like to do bonds. Bonds are the only real way to raise revenue for maintnance items and new construction in accordance with state law. In the presentation I saw it showed the populations of the various schools in question and the numbers are done from where they were years ago, so the room is there. MMS is not as full as you might think, and Jarman isn't "that" far away. Mile??

    It is costly to maintain old structures through advances in technology to keeping it cool and warm. If you can reduce the number of buildings you have to maintain and get newer more efficiant ones in the mean time, with out increasing our taxes what is not to like? In the end our students and community deserves the very best it can get and this district has always done well with my tax dollars.

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    I think they are also prepping the district for 20 years from now when the numbers have decreased even more and MCHS and DCHS are both 5A....at which point, you really only need 1 middle school per high school. Consolidate now and you don't have to worry about it later. Both of their school boundaries are basically full at this point and enrollment won't go up unless they start adjusting the lines to include some of the CAHS area. Land area wise, CA has more space than MCHS and DCHS combined. But the population is much more sparse out in CAland.

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    well it failed, but just barely.
    Wonder if they will bring it up again or let it go?

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    Default Re: 125 Million School BOnd Issue

    15 votes! That's all it failed by - I hope they try again and this time, get more information out.
    Some of our neighbors did a knee-jerk "close Jarman? Oh, no!" reaction, rather than look at repercussions as bombermwc explained so well. Plus, The Oklahoman did a horrible job at explaining the issue - one of the articles said all of the affected elementary schools were closing, instead of explaining they were consolidating.
    I don't have any kids in Mid-Del anymore, but any thinking person should be able to make the leap from good schools equal higher property values.
    Mid-Del gets an "F" for educating the public, but Mid-Del voters get an equal grade for not doing homework.

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    well the majority did still vote for it, but that stupid 60% rule that schools have to follow is why it failed. I'd like to see the 60% thing go.

    Personally, I think Jarman and Kerr should stay, but I'd rebuild Jarman and rehab Kerr....or even rebuild it. Monroney and Del Crest aren't any better off than some of the elementary schools they want to toss...but I'm not going to stand in the way of something being done.

    I remember going to East Side as a kid and seeing thick layers of plaster/paint peeling off every classroom wall. The wallpaper stuff didn't always stay down. The lights often went out and then made your class smell like burned popcorn. Noisy window air conditioners and heaters that the maintenance people had to come and light every year. Things like that just brush off to an 8 year old, but you look back and think...man that place sucked. I have a lot of wonderful memories there and really LOVED all of my time in Mid-Del, but at the same time, I"m not going to force someone to stay in a building that stinks just because I went there.....which is the arguement a lot of people are making.

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