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Thread: My goofy earthquake t-shirt.....

  1. Default My goofy earthquake t-shirt.....

    So with all the humor we found in this earthquake on Facebook and Twitter I decided to make a 'survived the quake' t-shirt and post it to my website. I tried to use fonts that would show the humor in all of this.

    The next day I noticed the website traffic was thru the roof. A fashion writer for the LA Times found it and did a blurb about it the following morning.

    I just thought I would share the link with everyone.



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    What a great idea...timing is the key. I invested a bit in the early 80's whilst living in L.A. in T-shirts saying "Don't FALK with me--Argentina!" with a British flag behind it (during the short war between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands)...and made a quick buck--and everyone loved them. Even sent one to Maggie Thatcher...but no one ever responded if she ever received it...boo-hoo...

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    Funnt story. That's pretty cool!

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