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    Patrick Guest

    Default Casino cheated a man?

    This guy needs to get a life! To think a slot would actually pay out $4 mill! Ha! Give it up!

    "Man says casino cheated him of millions

    By Steve Berg
    NEWS 9

    A Muskogee County man claims a casino is cheating him out of $4 million. The Cherokee Casino in Fort Gibson says the slot machine he was playing malfunctioned. And they say it's virtually impossible to win that much money on the machine.

    There may not be anything the man can do about it. Jason Hutchinson says he'd been playing the Gems and Jewels machine at the Cherokee Casino in Fort Gibson when he'd hit the jackpot.

    Don't bet on it says the Cherokee Nation.

    Technically, it's possible.

    But they say on that particular machine, Hutchinson would have to have won $1,198 3,585 times in a row to accumulate the $4 million-plus jackpot, all in about half-an-hour's time.

    They say the "evidence of malfunction is overwhelming" and that it's posted on the machine that a "malfunction voids all pays and plays."

    But Hutchinson's lawyer says there was no video surveillance of the incident.

    And he's upset that it's the Cherokee Nation that oversees the investigation.

    But casino officials say they're regulated not just by the Cherokee Gaming Commission, but also by the National Indian Gaming Association.

    A Cherokee spokesman says that Hutchinson's claims are "ridiculous," and says he's "trying to use the media to put pressure on them and make us look bad."

    Hutchinson's attorney says the machine was turned off and say that could have altered the evidence. The Cherokee Nation says a software problem caused the glitch. They say none of their machines pay out $4 million on a single play."

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    Default Re: Casino cheated a man?

    Sounds like the man was cheating the casino. As much distaste as I have for those establishments, there's no way this man is in the right.

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    MasterWolf Guest

    Default Re: Casino cheated a man?

    I saw this on the news and I personally think that this man is full of it. Come on , 4 million on one machine. Sounds like this man is trying to take the casino for a ride.

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