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Thread: Fox Lake Plaza

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    Quote Originally Posted by gopokes88 View Post
    He didn’t want two hotels, one would have been fine. (At least in theory).

    What’s the 100 million dollar investment they killed? Spring creek plaza? Cause that’s going to get built, the developer and leader of the nimbys are pretty close to an agreement
    They've already scaled down parts of the development. The apartments aren’t getting built as planned which would have completely changed the vibe for the better. The “west end” shopping center by Pelican bay is now just a bland strip mall. If the developer and NIMBYS are close to an agreement, that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onthestrip View Post
    And whats the reason for one hotel being good but two is too much? Hotels are clustered everywhere throughout the city and country, especially along interstates. I just dont get it. Would be hilarious to see owners put in an RV park, which would require no approval. Edmond hands out TIF money for a convention hotel and then tells others that they arent welcome.

    The Spring Creek expansion is dead and gone.
    I think the expansion is still happening but it isn’t going to be anything like what was originally planned. At least from what I gather from their revised submissions to the council which now include phases. The first is for the west end by Pelican Bay and it’s essentially a strip mall with a sh!t ton of parking. Earlier plans called for less parking and more dense retail in a more urban fashion to be connected to a trail leading to the main development via a new car bridge over the creek.

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    FYI - The Walmart SuperCenter at Shoppes at Fox Lake has just opened a Sonic fast-food restaurant inside the north entrance.

    It's been a couple of other restaurants in the past and none lasted long.

    Probably a better fit for that location than a McDonald's, like you see in other SuperCenters.

    I'll most likely patronize it if their phone app specials apply there since I shop there often.

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