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    It looks like Pep Boys is being prepared for demolition! I hope something great is coming in!

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    A few weeks ago in the Saturday real estate section there was a notice of purchase of the property by a medical LLC. I posted it in another thread and can't find it now, but it was kind of odd - hotel/hospital or something like that.

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    I think you're talking about the one that was supposed to be an assisted living center or something like that. I remember the thread Lauri, but I can't remember the specifics either. I remember commenting that I didn't thinking it was a good location.

    Now an urgent care center, that might work there.

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    Drove by there today, it said "something" plasma center

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    Such an odd location... It needs to be by a hospital. I really think it is a total waste.

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    Pep Boys--being demolished...I doubt there were many mourners for this national enterprise dedicated and proficient at screwing customers to the wall--and beyond!

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