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Thread: Uptown - Last Phase

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    So I drive by Uptown yesterday and see they've painted the existing facade on the last portion of the center. I seriously hope they don't leave this section with only a paint job instead of a real make-over. Phase I was the best, Phase II wasn't quite as good but still holds its own, but if paint is all Phase III is, then North Star has really let everyone down. Especially considering this is the section that has maintained tenants the best. If you only put on a new face to attract new folks, but ignore your current ones, then you're just waiting for someone to leave....come on guys, do it right.

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    I'll need to drive by there today.

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    So many empty spots here, same with the Cherry Center. What's going on with these deserted shopping centers?

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    Empty??? What's empty? There are only like 4 or 5 places in all of the entire 3 section Uptown that are empty. They did finally get a tenent in the main corner suite on key and 15th. But really, the rest of the place isn't that empty.

    As for Cherry, you couldn't have a worse location. BEHIND another center....you can't even see the place from the street. The Crest folks (harroz) wanted a strip center and put it on land he already had. Doesn't make it magically a good location. I believe the tenants there are service oriented, not sales.

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