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Thread: 2010 Star Spangled Salute

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    Default 2010 Star Spangled Salute

    Thunderbirds on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The United States Air Force Thunderbirds "Diamond Formation" arrived at Tinker air Force Base Thursday, June 17 2010. They and the rest of the team were scouting landmarks for the 2010 Tinker Air Force Base Open House and Air Show this weekend.

    Tinker Air Force Base - Star Spangled Salute, Tinker AFB Open House & Air Show

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    Default Re: 2010 Star Spangled Salute

    Great photo. They've been flying over the house and rumbling the windows most of the day. We actually like the practice days more than the show. We're alot closer to the planes on the practice days.

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    Inside that link, it says Open House. Where exactly?

    It also says handicap accessible, so does this mean that they are having interpreters available?

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    I know they changed the date because of the difficulty of scheduling for the 4th, but let me just say how much is blows that they have this on a random weekend now and with zero fireworks. Something like Aerospace America was neat, and it wasn't tagged to a holiday, but the SSS isn't nearly the same.

    And what a crock that there aren't big fireworks on the east side anymore!!!

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    Default Re: 2010 Star Spangled Salute

    They did have the fireworks show, it was Saturday night...

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    Default Re: 2010 Star Spangled Salute

    And it was a damn good fireworks show, might I add.

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    Glad they have something, but it's not on the 4th either. SO we don't get crap for the 4th.

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    Default Re: 2010 Star Spangled Salute

    They'll still do the fireworks for the 4th, won't they??

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    Did the Marine recruiters set up on Sunday? It looked like there was a spot for them.

    The Navy had a pull-up bar on Sat. I set a record with 23.

    State fair, airshow I always get a T-shirt.

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    Default Re: 2010 Star Spangled Salute

    The Force Support Squadron arranges the Star Spangled Salute and provides the work force for the show. We, as I am one of these squadron members, can not get the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angles EVERY Fourth of July. Occasionally, when it's our turn to have them, it works out to provide a wonderful show on the 4th but it wouldn't be fair for our base, as great as it is, to get them every year. Some years we can't get them at all and have had no show. The fireworks were on Sat night and will not be duplicated on July 4th, at least not by the base. Talk to the city to see if they are providing anything.

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    See and I'd rather have the big whole event on the 4th than base it all around specific acts. I'm not going to miss the Thunderbirds at all, especially if it means everyone can park down on 29th and watch the fireworks (which was one of the best in the state). Now, we dont' get diddly on the 4th and MWC can't hope to compare on their own to what the SSS can do. It's like watching a little bottle rocket instead of a shuttle launch.

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    Default Re: 2010 Star Spangled Salute

    Well I can tell you right now you won't get the big whole event without the big guys like Thunderbirds or Blue Angels... It's a whole military recruitment tool. I can also tell you the crowd on base was much larger for the air show part than for the fireworks.

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