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    Don't forget to check out the Mid-Del Farmer's Market on Tuesdays from 4:30to 8:00 in Charles Johnson Central Park (where the fountain is in Towncenter Plaza). The market is also open on Saturday mornings from 8:00 to 11:30am. Right now they will have cold weather veggies because of the lingering Winter we've had. But soon there will be a bounty of fruits and veggies. The market also has meat, eggs, yogurts and yogurt cheese, honey and herbs. This is the same market that used to located in the Community Center parking lot.
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    I went by the Farmers' Market this morning while checking on the progress of the new water tower. There isn't much food available yet, but I saw flowers and eggs.

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    I hope is not like the one in Norman where 80% of the produce for sale is not locally grown, but bought from an outside source for re-sale.

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    My wife went tuesday and saturday. Tuesday evening, there isn't as much as Norman, but almost EVERYTHING was homegrown. When you check how many things in Norman aren't, you really get limited like rcjunkie says.

    On Saturday, either they had left or something, because there were literally 2 vendors by 10am.

    Just need smoe more growing season to get more local veggies.

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    ^^^^ Hey Pete... Think you got thispost on the wrong thread.... This one is for the Farmers Market in Midwest City.

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