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    Reading recent commercial real estate transactions stumbled across this one as well.

    OKC Bazar leased 40,040 sq. ft of retail space at Southeast Plaza shopping center at SE 44 and I-35. OKC Bazar will feature Lationo items in an open market type setting.

    I'm not sure if this means it will be your typical flea market, similar to what was at 10th & Penn or if this will be a unique cultural attraction/market.

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    I wonder if this will be like the AMC flea market experiment

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    I wonder if they realize that they misspelled bazaar. Very bizarre.

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    May depend on the emphasis (but sounds misplaced here). The one "a" spelling is used in the Orient (an open air market). Then if there is an Afghanistan connection...

    Remember reading a quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson, said he didn't trust anyone that could spell a word only one way...LOL

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