This is part 2 of the open letter to Movers and Shakers, by downtownguy.

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"Nitpicking (me) and Fair Criticism (metro)

The barricades are gone in front of the Oklahoma County office building – apparently, all we were waiting for was a strip of red paint along Robert S. Kerr Avenue. So that takes away one of my recent challenges to the movers and shakers. I can’t let you relax, so let me add something else to the list:

Have you seen the front of the Cox Convention Center lately. Once again, a large gash has appeared in the northwest entryway patio cover. This overhang goes over the drop off lane – clearly a matter of design rather than purpose – and is getting hit by trucks that are too high for the entryway. The convention center is the focal point for thousands of visitors who will either leave with a good or bad impression of our city. How long will we have our convention center trashed this way? How many more times will this gash be reopened before the design is changed to prevent further damage? Movers and shakers, fix this flaw!

Oh by the way... nice Bricktown entry sign at Reno. You've got another bad gash on this one as well, however...

(fellow bloggers, tell me if I’m going too far here)

Metro at provides a report on the newly opened Nona’s restaurant in Bricktown. This highly anticipated addition to Bricktown opened last Friday – something to remember while reading Metro’s remarks. Most restaurants have growing pains before hitting their stride. If the same report is true in a few months, then it’s time to worry.

“I was fortunate enough to eat there opening weekend, Valentine's weekend. Reservations were booked weeks in advance for the first week or so of the restaurant opening as well as the restaurant was accepting no walk-ins. After leaving the Blazers game early dressed in dress clothes and sport coat, my date and I pulled up to the Valet and had them secure a table for us despite the demand. We were immediately seated in the most private booth on the lower level. I was very impressed upon arrival, the service of the valet, hostess, and the overall elegant atmosphere unparalleled in OKC. A very upscale, vibrant crowd was present and live music was playing.

Upon our seating, however was another experience. The number of work staff was well more than sufficient. After sitting down, a good 10-15 minutes passed before the waitress bothered to even introduce herself. After practically waiving her back to the table she brought our menus. Another few minutes passed before she took our drink order. Another 10 minutes passed before our glasses of water arrived. After about another 10 minutes she finally took our orders. Granted our waitress was working two tables, one larger one (about 10 people) directly adjacent from us. Of course we knew the larger table would get more attention however her walking by at least 10 times during this period was unacceptable. After 35+ mins, a free appetizer, a bruschetta type bread with red pepper hummus (excellent) arrived, our Caesar salad was prepared before our table about ten minutes later. Granted the presentation and atmosphere is very nice, the salad was clearly not worth the $8.50 a piece price. Quality was just decent, but definetely not any better than Olive Garden or something much less classier. After this, we waited another 20 mins or so for our main course. It never arrived. After this I had had enough. I had approached what appeared to be a manager who was talking with the owner Avis Scaramucci and her husband who seemed to almost care less. All he did was come take the menu's quickly from our table the waitress never picked back up but never bothered to ask what I got up and approached him about. I again flagged down another waitress and had them bring another manager out. She was very courteous and addressed our concerns. I advised her of the lack of addressing the issue beforehand in front of the owners, etc. Avis, then came and sat with us for a good 30 mins just talking about our experience and life in general. Once she found out who I was she made sure to make sure the situation was rectified. She was reasonable and sincere and I will not further elaborate into detail.

Although I we had quite an unexpected experience, I will probably give it another shot because I love the atmosphere and is a unique niche in downtown OKC. I recommend everyone give it a try once. The upstairs Purple Bar is also very upscale and unique. Price wise expect to spend a good $16 on up per person.”

Speaking of Nona’s, look for another major renovation and addition to come soon on an original Bricktown property – this time along the canal.

- The Downtown Guy"