Bringing fresh eyes to huge downtown Oklahoma City project (Oklahoman, 2/28/10)

Where should Promenade Park be located?
In the Core to Shore report the Central Park was only 40 acres with the narrower 30 acre, Promenade Park connecting the Central Park to the River (thus the 70 acre Park mentioned in MAPS 3). The Promenade Park is shown on pages 38, 40, 55 & 57 of the Core to Shore Report (think you can still download it from But this article makes me wonder even more as the Park was one of the few things in MAPS 3 where we knew its location (Convention Center, Senior Aquatics, Streetcars and even the Kayaking, all unknowns). If the connecting Promenade is in doubt, does that mean the location of the Central Park is questionable too? After all, there are only so many places you can put the connecting Promenade Park if the Central Park and River locations are known. From looking at the C2S report there really seems like there is only 2 possibilities along the Harvey alignment (where it shows it against Robinson, or shifting it 1 block to the west). Thought one of the whole points of building the parks there was to dramatically improve the impression made on those coming into downtown from the new I-40. Hide the park?