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Thread: Stillwater Councilman: the pot calling the kettle black

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    Default Stillwater Councilman: the pot calling the kettle black

    lol, While one of the Stillwater councilmen is promoting a petition to oust the mayor, in part for public drunkenness, here is a photo exposing that councilman drinking beer while in a Stillwater bar. It's alledged he was also drinking beer straight from the pitcher and became drunk, but the picture only shows him drinking it from a bottle.

    Photos from Support our Mayor Nathan Bates (Stillwater,OK - Oklahoma State) | Facebook

    Situations of this nature in cities big and small would probably be a lot easier to settle if the citizen would call the police, instead of just snapping a picture.

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    Default Re: Stillwater Councilman: the pot calling the kettle black

    some people have way to much time on there hands....

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