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Thread: What baby boomers are looking for

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    Default What baby boomers are looking for

    Here's an interesting article that highlights just what we've been talking about with increasing density, transportation options, leisure time amenities. Although we talk about appealing to our younger generation, in reality, baby boomers will be one of our biggest population groups and they buy houses, pay taxes and support communities as well. I've posted a snippet below:

    Aging Boomers: No Golf Please, Feed My Mind

    Some of the retirement choices reflect a broader trend towards more pedestrian-friendly urban living. A study by the National Association of Home Builders, done in conjunction with the MetLife Mature Market Institute, found that when Baby Boomers start thinking about the attractions of a community as a place for retirement or a second home, proximity to shopping, walking and jogging trails, public transportation, doctors offices/hospitals, churches looms large.

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    Thanks for the article betts. This underscores the need for place making within our cities. Granted everyone is going to have different ideas of how and what they want to accomplish in doing so. But many when confronted with large suburbian homes now mostly vacant due to becoming emptynesters, are now ready and excited to face a new adventure and be where they can be stimulated with arts and transport and simplify thier life, favoring no yards but access to great public parks and places to eat, live, learn and work if need be but do so in a convenient way without a commute. Hence the change is not just the creative class, but rather the boomers. In addition, who are going to be the ones who have disposable income to support a growing vibrant urban community? 20 somethings or boomers? So working toward carefully crafted and integrated infil as well as retoration projects that will attract both will meet both needs and allow for the dreams of real density to be realized.

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    There are plenty of retiring boomers who want the resort lifestyle but there is also a significant market for other styles of retirement. Many of the buyers of Downtown Austin condos has been the retirees and empty nesters.

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