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Thread: Maps 3

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    I see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post

    That's all code for the Chamber and powers that be wanting to make a big push in the Innovation District and provide more corporate incentives.

    We started doing MAPS bc our piles of incentive dollars weren't cutting it. At least when we did that, it was for AA, which would have heavily diversified our economy.

    These people are cognitively and philosophically bankrupt if they want to incorporate any amount of incentives in MAPS 4. Yet there isn't any money for place-based improvements like the 235 cap, they just want a war chest for cash incentives.

    I will oppose the entire ballot if they go that route.

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    I think that there is a fair amount of naivety by some of the establishment with regard to how much the electorate may have changed and what may or may not motivate it to support initiatives.

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    Well if this is true, and I don't want to assume, but if it is, then they want to masquerade the fundamental opposite of MAPS as the next MAPS.

    In 1993, we arrived at MAPS by realizing the folly of trying to incentivize companies to come with cash.

    I also think we are done with the days of this being a non-binding resolution. This has evaded accountability, and if they keep it up to further their own narrow interests, they are going to face a bloody renewal battle. It's unfortunate bc the Trump years will likely see a fire hose of federal matching funds and innovative tax credit schemes that could further what we did in MAPS 4 if we stay true to building things for quality of life and economic development, instead of just writing fat checks.

    Also note how many of these "incentives" have gone to oil companies, which has clearly worked out great toward economic diversification.

    I just increasingly don't see a future for MAPS until Jim Couch retires and goes back to North Dakota.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
    In 1993, we arrived at MAPS by realizing the folly of trying to incentivize companies to come with cash.
    That is a great point as it relates to MAPS and it's history. Very astute.

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    That's why they could propose so many other bad ideas that would still be less stinging.

    I'm not at all against incentives, really of any kind. Just not as a part of MAPS.

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    Oklahoma City will need to revise & resize its MAPS project proposals if we want to continue the momentum. We need future initiatives that will reduce the number of projects from 7-9 to 3 or 4 with no more than a 3 1/2 to 4 year collection period.

    Sales Tax collections will rebound; therefore you may see a future 'surplus' with the shorter collection periods.

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    Yeah, I don't think anyone wants to get into why people voted for a Trump, especially on OKC Talk.

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    Not sure where the Draper Trail thread is(I looked and couldn’t find it) but that trail is officially open.

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