Please use correct personal ad jargon:

B&D = Bondage/Discipline
BBW = Big Beautiful Woman
BDSM = Any subset of B&D, D/s, and SM
BHM = Big Handsome Man
BiF = Bisexual Female
BiM = Bisexual Male
BIMF = Bisexual Married Female
BIMM = Bisexual Married Male
CD = Cross-dresser
CPL = Couple
DBF = Divorced Black Female
DBM = Divorced Black Male
DDF = Drug and Disease Free
Dom = Dominant
D/s = Domination/Submission
DWF = Divorced White Female
DWM = Divorced White Male
F/T = Full Time
FtM = Female to Male Transgendered
GBF = Gay Black Female
GBM = Gay Black Male
GWF = Gay White Female
GWM = Gay White Male
HWP = Height/Weight Proportional
ICQ = ("I seek you") Chat software
IRC = Internet Relay Chat
IRL = In Real Life
ISO = In Search Of
LDR = Long Distance Relationship
LTR = Long Term Relationship
MBA Married But Available
MBF = Married Black Female
MBM = Married Black Male
MJF = Married Jewish Female
MJM = Married Jewish Male
MM = Married Men
MWC Married With Children
MtF = Male to Female Transgendered
MWF = Married White Female
MWM = Married White Male
N/S = Non-Smoker
PF = Professional Female
PM = Professional Male
P/T = Part time
RL = Real life
SAF = Single Asian Female
SAF = Single Asian Male
SALT = Single and Loving It
SBF = Single Black Female
SBM = Single Black Male
SCM = Single Christian Female
SCM = Single Christian Male
SHF = Single Hispanic Female
SHM = Single Hispanic Male
SINK = Single Income No Kids
SITCOM = Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage
SJF Single Jewish Female
SJM Single Jewish Male
SM = Sadism/Masochism
SOH = Sense of Humor
SPARK = Single Parent Raising Kids
Sub = Submissive
SWF = Single White Female
SWM = Single White Male
TDY = Temporarily Divorced Yesterday
TG = Transgender
TS = Transsexual
TV = Transvestite
W/E = Well-endowed

(I had no idea so many existed)