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    Default Re: Devon Tower

    53 floors, 810 feet

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    55 stories 750 ft

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    VERY last second guess 721' 52 floors

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    Steve's got it rolling:

    OKC Central — All about downtown OKC

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    BDP, I don't know why you say that. Anyhow, to the people saying 37 stories. Yes we know that, that is the minimum Devon has said it would be on the record. Keep in mind their is no real investigative journalism in this town, and even if there was, they wouldn't know more than Devon has publicly disclosed already. They are just reading the press release on the "news". Anyhow, I guess we'll know exacts here in a few minutes.

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    From Steve's blog (which is getting overwhelmed with traffic) -- here's the model about to be unveiled:

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    Look how tall the box has to be to hide it, compared to Chase on the right.

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    AHHHH!!!! hurry!!!!

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    Could be for dramatic effect though, or so people walking by won't see over the top of it, BUT I hope I'm wrong and it is crazy tall.

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    wow the building is as wide as the entired downtown, it takes up almost all of downtown and is as twice as tall as the current largest building wow ...... Just kidding I know itsa unveiling box..

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    HAHAHA... I dont think it is actually that tall. Would be cool though.

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    BDP, I don't know why you say that.
    I was just kidding. Duplicate thread mainly to pimp a blog. You usually call posters out on these things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Brzycki View Post

    I love it! That thing is massive!

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    also on the news thism orning they said it will be the tallest building in okc, but they didnt say state? I thought it was going to be the biggest in the state

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    54 stories. Nice.

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    WOW...54 story glass building...that building looks great

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    I'm disappointed, it's a box.

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    HOLY HECK!!!

    Gorgeous, tall & striking!


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    Color rendering up on Steve's blog. From that perspective, it looks twice as tall as Chase. Not sure exact floors yet.

    Edit: Pete beat me to the punch.

    Amazing structure. Love it!!! Can't wait to see more details.

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    Default Re: Devon Tower


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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrown84 View Post
    55 stories. 900 feet.
    Quote Originally Posted by warreng88 View Post
    55 stories 750 ft
    Quote Originally Posted by Insider View Post
    53 floors, 810 feet
    Now we just need the height to see who wins!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptownsnwbrdr View Post
    I'm disappointed, it's a box.
    It is actually a hexagon - 6 sides

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    How exactly do you call that a box? The Chase building is a box...

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    I was definitely not disappointed. It's lovely.

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