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Thread: HELP! If you can....

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    Default HELP! If you can....

    Really need any recommendation from anyone regarding a good; honest; reasonable transmission shop. If you can recommend one or two - I'd buy you a cup of coffee...if I could.


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    AAMCO transmission shop on 39th St. just west of May Ave.

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    My wife's father always takes his cars and his daughter's cars to Cherokee Hills Automotive. I have taken two cars there and they have always been honest and quick. I know they are not exclusively a transmission shop, but they most likely do the work.

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    There is a shop in Norman, on North Flood about 1/3 mile south of where Flood crosses Robinson, name escapes me, but it is a big blue building on West side of Flood.

    Did great work for me a few years back on a Gran Prix transmission redo.

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    You might check the business reviews/recommendations section of this website.

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