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    Default need help: daycare center when i was young

    ok, someone got effective help with a field trip, maybe someone can help me to identify a daycare center i attended when i was younger.

    It was in Oklahoma City about 22 years ago, circa 1987. It was located somewhere in the neighborhood that is bounded on the south by 23rd street, robinson on the east, 36th street to the north,..but i dont know if it was east or west of walker or not. ...i want to say it was east of walker..but im really not sure.

    the daycare was nestled deep inside of this neighborhood..so you couldnt see it from any of the aforementioned busier streets. the entrance faced the west. there was a chainlink fence that surrounded the complex and a few play things outside like merry-go-round and some swings.

    i have drove around mildly looking for it in this neighborhood but was unsuccessful it even trying to locate a patch of land that it would be on (as im not even certain to this day if the same daycare, or a different daycare or business exists on the same soil today)

    any ideas?

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    Default Re: need help: daycare center when i was young

    Ask your mom?

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    Default Re: need help: daycare center when i was young

    no one remembers, i should add.

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    Default Re: need help: daycare center when i was young

    i think i know what you are talking about, i forget the name but the owner owns two daycares, one of them is called dreamland daycare off penn and 29th area the other one is nestled in a neighborhood in the area you are talking about but i forget the name, maybe if you call dreamland they could tell you

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