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Thread: Work pending @ I-240???

  1. Default Work pending @ I-240???

    Hey all...

    I drive I-240 to and from work every day from roughly Penn to Air Depot, and notice they've put up a slew of orange pylons on either side of the median starting right around Pole Road and heading east for at least a couple of miles. There are some orange "work ahead" signs that are apparently about to go up as well, so it surely looks for all the world like some sort of construction is ramping up.

    Anyone know the details? My first thought was that perhaps they were widening it to six lanes, but surely thought I'd have heard about something like that beforehand...


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    Maybe they are installing that cable barrier system.

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    what ever happened to the new interchange at 35 and 240? could it be that?

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    This is all far east of the interchange. My guess is that they are going to re-stripe or cable barrier. I can't imaging it would be going to 6 lanes without someone hearing about it.

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    BINGO. I think I've found it out, and okc_bel_air deserves props as the resident psychic

    Cable barriers being installed. Checked on the ODOT website and there were no major summer projects going on for I-240, but when I checked current contracts...bingo.

    http://www.okladot.state.ok.us/contr.../const_rep.pdf, page 108, contract 090337.. about a $610K contract to Action Safety Supply for cable barriers..

    So much for that mystery.


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    New runway for tinker.....

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    Well at least they're going all the way to Sooner. These things save so much money! $600 for 4 miles of the stuff. That's less than what a single mile of the concrete costs.

    This is going to sound bad, but I also like these because then the patrol doesn't have a place to turn around and get ya from the other side...hehehe. Not that I ever speed though. And not that it would be any different for a concrete barrier, but I wonder if that ever causes problems for ambulance/fire getting to a scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bombermwc View Post
    This is going to sound bad, but I also like these because then the patrol doesn't have a place to turn around and get ya from the other side.
    That's my favorite thing about the barriers. They protect you from bored cops and from drunks. Who knows which are worse, but they you from both.

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