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Thread: Lake Texoma ? camping

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    Default Lake Texoma ? camping

    Hi can anyone tell me the best area to camp on lake Texoma? Would like the area where the kids can swim I can fish and has showers.( will be tenting it) And would love to camp near the water. Thanks

    PS. never been to lake Texoma is it a Ok place to camp and fish off bank? how many tents are allowed on each tent ground rental? We have 6 kids and are planning 3 tents.

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    I used to live in Durant, but I really can’t help much. The Oklahoma state park there is closed now. A private company is buying it to put in a fancy resort supposedly, but it just sits in ruins now. I know I still see RVs camping there though. I’m not sure if you can tent camp still or not. I’m not sure about shower availability either. There may be some around by the swim beach. I know I’ve see lots of people fishing on the banks by the bridge.

    Here’s a list. I would check out Lakeside on the Oklahoma side. I’ve camped there when I was a kid and I know people who still go there with their RVs. I can’t comment on what the swim beach is like, but it’s listed as having showers.

    Lake Texoma - Categories

    East and West Burns Run may also be decent campgrounds….. again, I don’t know much about them. Sorry.

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    Default Re: Lake Texoma ? camping

    I was just down there a couple weeks ago. We "camped" in a trailer at Lake Texoma Resort Park, east of Kingston. It was nice and quiet and I'm told its only a shadow of what is used to be, but it wasn't very crowded and had plenty of places to camp. Showers/restrooms close by and clean. There may be better places, but I wouldn't mind pitching a tent there.
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    (don't get your hopes up about that golf course...it's overrun and dilapidated now)

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    Although I have never camped at Texoma I owned a trailer house at Newberry Creek for over 10 years until we got flooded out 2 years ago. I can give you a little overview of the lake in general. The Oklahoma side is the quieter side especially North of the Eisenhower bridge. This is where we were and we liked it on the quiet side at a getaway. The biggest town on this side is Durant which is 10 miles east of the bridge and there is also Kingston and Madill which you will go through on the way to the lake coming from the city. The Texas side has more of a party atmosphere especially around Grandpappy Point. If you stay on the Southeast end of the lake you are close to Sherman/Dennison and there are many chain restaurants, a small mall etc. The islands are close to here which if you you have a boat is nice because there are beaches on the islands which is nice. You can also get to the islands okay from the OK side from Soldier Creek and the places around there. You have to keep in mind that this lake is huge. When I lived down there my mom lived in Sherman and it took an hour to get to her apartment so boating is the easiest way to get from one side of the lake to the other. I have not been there since the floods two years ago so I am not sure how everybody has recovered since then but the floods were devastating and wiped a lot of places out. BTW the Texoma golf course may not be good but across the street is Chickasaw Pointe which is considered one of the best courses in the state. Pricey though by OK standards but apparently a bargain for people from Dallas. This is just hearsay from my friends who have played the course since I don't play golf at all.

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