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Thread: LibertyFest festival

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    Default LibertyFest festival

    I live about 90 miles outside of the city and I heard that due to the rain last weekend the fireworks was postponed until this Friday. Does anyone have anymore information regarding the show. Would hate to make the drive for nothing.

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    Yes, be out there bout an hour early.

    Bethany: Sometime Friday night (July 10th), Eldon Lyon Park, 7400 NW 39 Expressway

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    Since the rain came and went fairly early around the Edmond area, the LibertyFest fireworks show at UCO went on as scheduled. You might check around to see what other shows will be rescheduled for this weekend.

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    As far as I know Bethany is the only one schedulued for tonight as Thunder mentioned. The gates open at 7 and the fireworks will start probably around 9:30-9:45ish maybe 10. We'll go just because its only a few blocks away.

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