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Thread: Jiffy Lube Leaving OKC

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    Jay Guest

    Default Jiffy Lube Leaving OKC

    Metro area Jiffy Lube stores close

    Five of nine Jiffy Lube stores in the Oklahoma City metro area recently closed, with the remaining four stores operating as "Mobil 1 Express Lube."
    Jiffy Lube stores

    Oklahoma City: 7315 N May, 3024 S Broadway, 10900 N May, 5824 Northwest Expressway, 7412 S Pennsylvania.
    Norman: 1203 Alameda.
    Edmond: 130 E Second.

    Open under the name Mobil 1 Express Lube:
    Oklahoma City: 9116 S Western, 3024 S Broadway.
    Edmond: 1800 E Second.
    Midwest City: 6930 E Reno.
    Three Jiffy Lube stores closed earlier in 2004.

    Not the Oklahoma County Clerk's office, the Oklahoma County Tax Assessor nor the Oklahoma Tax Commission showed records of a name change or sale documents for Jiffy Lube.
    County tax records show the stores are owned by various entities both in and out of state.
    Tuesday, calls from The Oklahoman were directed to a corporate phone number that was answered by Lube Center Management in Plano, Texas. Ed Martin with that company referred the caller back to Houston-based Jiffy Lube International Inc., a division of Royal Dutch/Shell.
    Helen Bow, a spokeswoman for Jiffy Lube said the company does not have any company-owned stores in Oklahoma and no longer has a business relationship with the franchise owner of the stores in Oklahoma City. She declined to give further information about the Oklahoma City stores.
    Jiffy Lube still has 12 stores in the state, 11 in Tulsa and one in Enid, but all are franchise-owned, Bow said. She did not know how many employees worked in those stores.
    In December, Cherokee County District Judge Mike Norman settled a class-action lawsuit against Jiffy Lube, ruling the company had improperly charged an environmental fee to dispose of oil. As part of the settlement, the company was ordered to issue $5 rebates to 7.3 million customers of 400 company-owned stores. The 1,800 nationwide franchise-owned stores were not part of the settlement.
    Bow said since there were no company-owned stores in Oklahoma, customers in the state will not receive the rebates.
    Jiffy Lube began operations in 1979 and claims to service more than 28 million cars a year. Though the corporation does not disclose financial details, analysts estimate its annual revenue is $1.4 billion. Royal Dutch/Shell is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
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    I don't think Jiffy Lube will really be missed by OKC consumers. I only did business with one once and I will never go back. They tried to suggest that I have $300 worth of services performed until I forcefully told them an oil change thats it. I can only imagine the number of naive consumers that fell for thier sales pitch.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Jiffy Lube Leaving OKC

    oklacity75, that's the same experience I had with Jiffy Lube, except they often went further with me, creating more problems than they ever fixed.

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