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    Patrick Guest

    Default Economy Sputtering??

    Well, I was quite shocked when I heard the report today. In July the economy gained a measely 32,000 jobs, with only 10,000 in the manufacturing sector. This is a far cry from the 200,000 to 300,000 jobs that the Bushg administration was forecasting for July. Bush continues to state that the economy is strong and growing and adding jobs. Kerry keeps saying in his campaign messages that we have two America's, and that Bush's growing economy is only an improvement for the wealthy and not the middle class. The the meantime, this has left the American public wondering who is really telling the truth.....is the economy really growing and adding jobs like Bush says, or is it still sputtering like Kerry says. I think this news today answers the question.

    Bush blames the sputtering economy on oil prices. All I have to ask is...well, in the 2000 campaign you promised us a comprehensive energy policy. Where is it? Why is it not working? We have control of Iraq now and can pump all of the oil we want. What's the problem? Seems to me like Bush is jsut trying to help out his oil buddies.

    We'll see what August shows in terms of jobs growth.

    Anyways, this isn't good news for the incumbent president.

    Again, please remember, these are facts, but it is slanted in favor of my opinion, so it's my 2 cents.

    Feel free to express your own opinions. That's what makes this forum interesting. I'd like to hear the views of Bush supporters on this.

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    One should really think logically on this issue. How can you create 200,000 jobs in one month? There are 270 million people in this country, scores who work already, many who are either too young or too old, many who choose to mooch off us instead of holding an honest job, many who do not NEED to work, and many who by disability (ligit) are unable to work.

    Subtract those people from the number of people in the United States, and the creation of 200,000 jobs in a month is vertually impossible. That would be 2.4 million jobs a year.

    Common sense should say the report, if it exisits at all, is not possible. Kerry is blowing smoke with his comments toward this issue... And Bush knows it.


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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Economy Sputtering??

    Well, you have to remember, these are just new jobs created. Jobs area always lost, so it evens out. Anyways, every president since FDR has maintained an average of around new 150,000 to 200,000 new jobs per month. Bush is the first since Hoover to actually lose jobs during his administration.

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