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Thread: IT support site

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    Default IT support site

    Hi guys,

    I am starting an IT support forum just for fun. If anyone wants to moderate a section under their speciality send me a PM. I am going to add all my knowledge base (links, scripts, tips, files, etc) and hope more people will do the same. I won't spam this board with the URL, so just shoot me a PM if interested.

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    MadMonk Guest

    Default Re: IT support site

    Wait...this is a separate site? Why not use Okctalk's tech section?

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    yeah seperate site just for IT support that we can upload a knowledge base, files etc...
    Not just a beginner IT site. Advanced server, enterprise level stuff...

    Just an excuse for me to learn vbulletin. Not going to be the next big site

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    I'm too new to shoot anyone a PM. I'm not up for moderating a forum but interested in the site.

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