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Thread: Weather - 4/27

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    Default Weather - 4/27

    wunderground.com puts our chances of storms today at 50%

    What's the word, Venture?

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    The NWS has our rain chances at 60% with the newest forcast pkg. Also put the cars in the garage, looks like we will get some Hailers this afternoon up to tennis ball size possible here is the Graphic.


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    Default Re: Weather - 4/27

    The SPC has issued a mesoscale discussion for North central and northeast Oklahoma.

    Thin line of storms forming from Lawton to El Reno to Stillwater, attm. along the cold front.

    NWS radar image loop of Composite Reflectivity from Oklahoma City, OK (Norman)


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    Default Re: Weather - 4/27

    Severe Thunderstorm Watch #201 now in effect until 7pm

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    Storm in Logan County is now severe with quarter sized hail, another storm that should affect the Metro is currently near Mustang moving Northeast. It could become severe any minute now. Expect hail to the size of nickels with this storm.

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    Sorry about that, busy morning and didn't get a chance to get anything started today. Westside has the Logan Co Storm covered well. The one out by Minco right now is strong, but hail size is marginal right now.

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    Venture, you need rest. lol

    Yeah, I just saw that. Storms firing up. Good for the flowers!

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    Current Hi-res visible is kinda neat...shows where the sun has cleaned out some of the clouds.

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    Storm shaded in blue is getting stronger.

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    The storm in the SW Metro has actually leveled off right now it seems. Mainly heavy rain, little to no hail with it. Winds probably 30-45 mph. It could tick up a bit coming into the area with heating, but nothing to get too nervous about right now.

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    Small hail with the storm approaching the metro.

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    Storm appear to be breaking apart. (Sorry bout the black box, dunno how that happened.)

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    Switched radar (to another a lil further from the storm) for a better definition.

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    Nice rain storm to give the plants some water, that's about it. Biggest story, temps will drop about 20 degrees behind the front. Right now it is from Luther to Jones to Spencer to Dell City to Valley Brook to Moore to Newcastle to Blanchard.

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    So, once this passes through, is there any more risk of "weather" this afternoon/evening? If not, when is the next batch to roll through?

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    Nope. next will be weds, and I'll get a thread going on that tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Weather - 4/27


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    A solid rain has started downtown around 245pm. Not too heavy, but definitely not a sprinkle, either.

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    I think the best chance for severe weather would be Thursday/Friday.

    Wednesday is too soon and shouldn't be near anything like yesterday.

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