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    Has anyone here had one of these? I dream all the time, usually very vividly. Recently I have found that in some instances, especially bad dreams that I'd became aware that it was just a dream and woke myself up. Then about two months ago I had a dream; realized that it was a dream, and started to control it. It was AWESOME. I was aware that I was dreaming and could do anything I wanted and would not get hurt, or in trouble. I've done this twice since then.

    This could have far reaching implications I suppose. I've read that some people get very good at controling their dreams and can do ANYTHING they want , when they want. ie. fly through outerspace without protection exploring the universe, jump off a 50 story building and float down to earth, or fly above their house like a bird. The possibilities are endless. You could be a lion if you wanted to, or the president. (Not that Id want to dream about that though) Do you think these kind of dreams are dangerous, or unhealthy to pursue? I've thought about trying to practice my lucid dreaming....(gain more control) but Im a little leary of the idea. It is nice to be able to escape nightmares though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by westsidesooner View Post
    Recently I have found that in some instances, especially bad dreams that I'd became aware that it was just a dream and woke myself up.
    I do that sometimes. Something bad will be happening and I'll say to myself, "You're dreaming, you idiot! Just wake up!" Most times, I DO wake up, but sometimes in my dream, I'll think I woke up when I didn't really. LOL That's when it gets really confusing. In my mind, I'm POSTIVE that I'm awake because I can remember waking myself, but that doesn't explain why my dog can still fly (or whatever).

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    I was hoping that lucid dreaming was more widespred.........I dream so much that I often wish I could go through a night without dreams, to get better rest. I had another really odd dream the other night and when I woke up (at 4am) I was panting like I'd just run a marathon. <----One of the reasons that I'd like to be able to control my dreams. Maybe I should go to a sleep center, but who could possibly sleep in a exam room.

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    I don't dream every time. It is very hard to have a very good and long dream. A lot of times I dream but gradually forget the details after waking up. Sometime I don't remember what I dreamt when I wake up until something during the day triggers the memory.

    I've never experience the thrill of controlling my own dreams. I'm not quite sure on how to do that. I did see a story on News 4 a long time ago about a device with mini red light that flashes to your eyes (eyelids closed of course) after certain amount of time that had passed to signal your brain that you're dreaming in order to gain control.

    I've never been known to sleepwalk, ever in my life. The first time that I discovered some things wasn't right was during the night of the election when America was on the fast-track to doom. I woke up a few hours later only to find the bedroom light turned on, door opened, Smokey laying next to me and Fuzzy on the chair. I'll never forget that night what Americans (most of them are not) had done to this country.

    I would love to be aware in my dreams and to do whatever I want! I wouldn't break any laws! :-)

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    The interesting thing about dreams is that they occur typically in the less "deep" parts of our sleep. And the ones we remember are typically the ones toward the morning. In most situations, your muscles are paralyzed during these dreams so that you don't hurt yourself or sleep walk. On occasion of course, you may find yourself tired because you were active during the dream but it is unlikely in most cases that you were active in your dreams all night long. If it is the case that you are very mobile during your sleep and dreaming and you are consistently tired when you wake up, you may need to inquire about this to make sure you are getting the deep restful, non-dream sleep that your body needs to repair itself.

    There are a lot of opinions on the meaning and source of our dreams so I will not try to stab at why you are dreaming the things you dream. But I do think that dreams in general are a good release. When we are awake, we dream of being things like, Tiger Woods or an astronaut, etc. My opinion is that sometimes our dreams at night, though fanciful and removed from reality (in most cases), do allow us to fulfill, albeit temporary, things we wish we could do in day to day life. Now, I suppose if you were controlling dreams that caused you to commit evil acts that you could connect with true feelings during your waking life, it might be psychologically not healthy to move forward with these actions in your dream...though there are personal theological and philosophical biases that start to emerge as I say that, so I will stop here.


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