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    Default Re: Best burgers in Oklahoma?

    Quote Originally Posted by BoulderSooner View Post
    had Tuckers yesterday .... very very hard to beat
    My local fave. I like S&B too, but their fries don't hold a candle to Tucker's.

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    Default Re: Best burgers in Oklahoma?

    I'm removing my votes for rons, last couple of burgers ive had have completely fallen off where they once were.

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    Default Re: Best burgers in Oklahoma?

    Can anyone put into words what it is that makes a "Best Burger" a best burger?
    (i've mentioned before that [one of] the best burgers i ever ate was served up at a long-gone little white shack on the west side of Council near it's intersection with Newcastle Road by Wheatland. it was a semi-crumbly onion burger. it was heaven on a bun. but i may have just been extra hungry that day. Backyard Burgers--the Black Angus burger--was very tasty . . . but it wasn't close to as good as that other one. and they are gone too. btw: unless i personally watch the steak being ground i don't want any pink in the middle of my burger.)

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