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Thread: Haunted Trails!

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    If you guys like getting the bejeezus scared out of you, come to Choctaw Creek Park for the Haunted Trails sponsored by the Choctaw Volunteer Firefighters Association. Dates are October 24, 25, 30, 31,and November 1st. Cost is $5 per person. All proceeds go to the Firefighters Association. We will also have the hay rides through the park for $1 per person. Choctaw Creek Park is located on Harper Rd between NE 10th and NE 23rd st.
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    I went to this haunted house 3 different years, it is really good, and the price you can not beat, plus there is more than just the haunted house, its a really nice outing for the night. It suppose to take about 35 minutes to walk through it, but me and my now wife and her sister we walked fast and ran through it, so it took us only about 12 minutes, It is reawlly really good though a lot better than bricktown haunted house

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