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Thread: NEW business in OKC/MWC/DEL-CITY!!!

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    Default NEW business in OKC/MWC/DEL-CITY!!!

    Hello we are a new business in OKC, We specialize in Computer Repair / upgrade / sales. We dont stop there we also sale Electronics, you can visit us at our web-site: l33tcomputersandelectronics.webs.com

    we do it all, your trouble is our cause! thank you Oklahoma!

    Web-site: l33tcomputersandelectronics.webs.com

    Email: l33tcomputersandelectronics@gmail.com

  2. Thumbs down Re: NEW business in OKC/MWC/DEL-CITY!!!

    You are in the business of computers and you don't know how to set a link?

    Your website has no address or phone number. You have no active links and you "sale computers"?? (your term, not mine)

    If your grammar, punctuation, spelling and html skills reflect your work ethic and business acumen, I hope you don't quit your day job.

    Mods - this appears to be spam!
    Unions - the folks who brought you weekends!
    Proud Army Veteran's Mom

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