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  1. Default Meridian Ave BID

    Oklahoma City plans public meeting regarding Meridian Avenue BID


    The City of Oklahoma City announced today it will hold a public meeting June 2 to discuss a potential Business Improvement District along Meridian Avenue.

    Planned to take place at 4 p.m. June 2 at the Clarion Meridian Hotel and Convention Center, the meeting will seek input on the long-term needs of the area as well as landscaping, maintenance and creating a BID. A BID could allow property owners to revitalize specific areas through public-private partnerships, City officials said in a statement.

    Other BID areas in Oklahoma City are Stockyard City, Downtown and Western Avenue.

    OKCBusiness - Oklahoma City Business News

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    Default Meeting set to discuss possible Meridian BID district

    This sounds promising and would hopefully strengthen and grow our Meridian Ave. Corridor.

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