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Thread: Arts Festival

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    The Downtown Edmond Arts Festival is May 2, 3, and 4. Great fun to be had by all.
    Come by our booth and see what we have been making lately.
    You can also print out a coupon for a 10% savings.

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    I'll be sure to come by. I love the edmond arts festival!!!

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    I briefly saw on the news that the festival was damaged pretty bad in last nights storm - any idea of the effects to the show in general?

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    i couldn't see very well, but when i drove by this morning, it seemed like there a lot of people setting up/repairing/fixing tents... i'm sure it'll go on as scheduled with all the help they had...

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    Great to hear. I was hoping no one had their art installed yet! Hopefully I can run by there today before heading to Dallas for the weekend.

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    on newsok.com, there's an article that mentions the festival will continue, but 15 artists had to drop out because their tents were blown away and their art was damaged.

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    Saw the report from Channel 5, looked kinda bad. Hopefully home depot and lowe's could donate some tents or something. I like this festival hope this doesnt damper the mood.

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    There was a lot of damage. Many tents totally trashed. the fire and rescue guys, citizens, and artists banded together quickly to get things cleaned up and put together again. Spread the word and come on down to support the art.
    Many thanks.

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