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    Do you guys remember this, and sorry if it's already been posted, I searched for it first.

    OKC Major League

    On Jan. 22, 2008, the Shawnee Tribe filed formal papers to put 104 acres of land in northeast Oklahoma City into federal trust for the development of a $400 million, high-quality destination entertainment resort.

    Plans for the resort include: an 18-story, 400-room upscale hotel, a luxurious spa and salon, an outstanding array of the country’s best-known restaurants and shops, a casino, a 2,400-seat performance hall, a cinema, a bowling center and other high quality features.

    This is an important project for Oklahoma City, and the Shawnee Tribe, that will have an immediate, positive impact in a wide range of areas. The destination resort will:

    * Generate a multimillion-dollar economic boost for Oklahoma City
    * Create thousands of local jobs with competitive salaries and benefits
    * Provide a consistent source of new revenue for local and state governments
    * Broaden the variety of local entertainment options
    * Increase the appeal of Adventure District attractions for out-of-state residents
    * Attract more young, creative professionals to Oklahoma City
    * Support local schools, non-profit organizations and infrastructure needs in surrounding communities
    * Enable the Shawnee Tribe to provide vital programs and services for its members

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    They're still waiting to see whether the land can be deeded into federal trust status. If that happens, the tribe can then do anything it wants with the land. City zoning laws, etc. do not apply.

    Using this same legal theory, they could open up a strip club in Bricktown.

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    Haha.. i always wondered why they didn't have a strip club in Bricktown..

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    I can't wait for this. Something needs to happen to this area. I like the idea.

    It's far enough away to be secluded, yet close enough to be accommodating.

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