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    Default NBA officials to be in OKC March 25

    From the Seattle P-I:

    NBA officials plan visit to Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY -- NBA Commissioner David Stern and other league officials will tour Oklahoma City's downtown arena March 25.

    The group is considering the request by Oklahoma City businessman and Seattle Sonics owner Clay Bennett to move the team.

    The tour will include a presentation on planned improvements to the Ford Center that were approved Tuesday by voters.

    And Bennett says he plans to discuss a practice facility and business issues for the franchise with the other owners.

    The NBA will decide on the relocation request at the league's Board of Governors meetings April 17 and 18th in New York.

    A trial is scheduled in federal court this June on Seattle's bid to force the Sonics to remain in the city until their Key Arena lease ends in 2010.

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    Default Re: NBA officials to be in OKC March 25

    We should all wear our OKC LOVES NBA t-shirts that day and organize some type of rally that day near the Ford Center to show our support. I'm sure it won't sway the BOG vote, but it couldn't hurt anything, especially since they'll probably tour the Ford Center during the daytime and it and the surrounding intersection is pretty empty during the daytime. Okay, let's organize the OKCTalk supports NBA rally!

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    Default Re: NBA officials to be in OKC March 25

    Thanks goodness the airport has been fixed up. Could you imagine this group of people coming in to the old airport. Although they could fly private jets to Willy Post I guess.

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    Wiley Post would be even more embarrassing.

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