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    Man I have not been on in months but good to see the board is still going here.

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    Curt!!! I think about you often and wonder how you are! Thanks for checking in... how are things in Michigan?
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Hey Karrie....Michigan has hit rock bottom unfortunately but I am doing good...yes still trying to move to OKC and finally have a plan in place...house is for sale here. I actually moved there for two weeks in October and worked a job...unfortunately the renter for my house backed out and I had to come back home to get it on the market...back to my old job...not for long though. I learned from my mistakes what it takes and have a plan in place now.

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    Hey Curt & Karrie! How are you two doing? It has been along time for me to post as well! Hope all is well with the both of you.
    When it rains it pours... but when the blessings come they overflow!

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