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Thread: Redman Triathlon

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    Default Redman Triathlon

    Has anyone participated or watched this event?

    Started a few years ago mid September, so the 2007 version was just two weekends ago. Has both the full and half ironman distances running concurrently.

    It's based around Lake Hefner and seems to be doing pretty well.

    REDMAN Triathlon Oklahoma City

    I just did my first half ironman a few weeks ago here in California and will definitely do the full distance next year and am considering this race. Unlike other ironmans, it's easy to get into.... Most others fill up within hours of opening registration.

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    Default Re: Redman Triathlon

    I've heard of it and watched part of it, haven't participated, at least not yet.

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    Default Re: Redman Triathlon

    I would love them to become affiliated with the official Ford Ironman series.

    Top finishers from those races qualify for the championships in Kona. And just the association draws in huge numbers to these races... Most cap out at 3,000 participants and as mentioned, fill up within hours of opening. It also brings a lot of prestige and press to the city.

    Redman draws well less than 1,000 people, almost all local. Perhaps they have to be established for a good number of years before they could be considered for the official series.

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    My dad has done it, as well as the Vineman in California and Ironman Canada.

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