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Thread: "Affliction" Tee's ?????

  1. Question "Affliction" Tee's ?????

    Does anyone know where to buy these at?

    .......Other than The Buckle, who carry only up to an XL. I want to see how they are sized before I buy a 60 bucker T. My son generally wears an XXL. (6'4" - 270 lbs)

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    The Buckle is the only place in Oklahoma that I know of.

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    If you know that he'd need the XXL as opposed to a XL, you'd probably get a better selection/price online...

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    Have you tried the Vault (Edmond or Northpark) or Lit Lifestyle (in Deep Deuce)? I'm pretty sure they carry them and some other place but I forget the name. There may be a place or two on Western as well. FYI, Affiliction type tees are meant to wear tight and kind of form fitting so I'm not sure if your son is wanting the XXL to wear it baggy, etc. You can get them cheaper online at Affliction - Fall 2007 Collection - Free Shipping! or Ebay, although it's always good to keep your money in the local economy. With tax and shipping you'll probably come out the same as you would if you bought it here, and you support the local economy and get it quicker.

    Also does this thread need to be in metro area talk? Probably a better fit in off topic, underground, or something.

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    Know it's for your son Kas so please don't take this the wrong way

    But those shirts are Hella ugly

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    Some of them are rad though. Affliction is an expensive clothing line. I personally like Monarchy a little better. My favorite place is www.metroparkusa . I wish we had a store here in OKC.

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    They have the Affliction Rock T's and he wants the Ozzy and the Black Sabbath ones.
    I just wanted to see one, in hand, so that I would have a better idea on what size to order for him.

    He is a big enuff ole boy that he can wear an ugly T and no one is gonna say a word.

    Just wanted to know if there was a store in OKC (area) that might carry them, so I could take a looksie.

    Thanks for the replies.

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    Agreed, Metro.

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    But those shirts are Hella ugly
    Some of them are rad though.

    Man, that's funny. Serious flashbacks to many similarly in depth debates in college.

  10. Cool Re: "Affliction" Tee's ?????

    Hey..... now guys........ no YO Affliction jokes.....some of them with angels on them are quite nice.

    I also like the Poe ones with the ravens and the poems on them. They are rather gothic in appearance, however, we all hafta get a lil goth sometimes! I know that all of you have some lurking darkness in your sweet lil souls.

    I just don't like the big bucks for them! HA!

    Now, all of you chip in and go buy me one!

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    No, I got to agree with the guy above, those are the dumbest shirts around.

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    I loved that movie.

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