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  1. Default I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    Somebody is going to make a lot of money when they start making stylish AND affordable bags in the US for 17" laptops.

    Anybody know of any?

  2. Default Re: I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    Depends on your definition of "stylish" and "affordable" I guess.

    Here's one for under $50.

    Under $40

  3. Default Re: I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    I bought one for my 17" lappie @ Wal-Mart for like 24 bucks.

    Black woven fabric - zippered...etc..... with plenty of pockets

    CUATRODEMAYO: Be sure and read my response to your Post regarding "the casket" .............GRIN.
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    Originally Posted by CuatrodeMayo View Post
    Did they throw in a casket with the deal?

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    Default Re: I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    Hey here is the best messenger bags anyone can find. I used them while I was in Boston. Chrome Bags - Messenger Bags

  5. Default Re: I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    OGTS: Yea, definition can be different.

    KAS: I did read it...wow.

    Chrome is definitly in the running. But I am leaning toward:


    Kultbag® Schön gebraucht. | Kuriertaschen, Messenger-Bags, Taschen u.v.m. aus recycelten Materialien

    They are a little pricey tho.

  6. Default Re: I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    I use my camera backpack when I need to haul around my laptop. It's got a compartment that will hold it...And when I don't want to 1) carry around my camera gear or backpack and 2)Still need to tote my laptop along...The laptop sleeve portion of the bag pops out, and I slide it in my regular messenger bag or something.

    I have a Karachi Outpost Crumpler bag...Click here for some guy's review of a black one (mine's khaki).

  7. Default Re: I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    Oh then I would look at the SKOOBA bags. Had I not been in Vegas and grabbed the first one I saw, then I would have gotten a Skooba. Look at the Zero Halliburton cases, too. I am currently looking for a Laptop Sleeve and love some of the bags at - BagsPro.com - Laptop bags and Carrying Cases for mobile professionals

    Rolling Cases & Briefcases

    Laptop Bags by Booq Vyper exo XL

    Extend 17" Laptop Briefcase [EKB406NFL] : Cool Laptop Bags | Laptop Cases

    SFBags - WaterField Designs - Laptop Bags - Laptop Sleeves - Computer Sleeves - Ipod Accessories - Camera Cases - PSP Cases - Wallets

    Speaking of bags..........has anyone tried any of the laptop SKINS?

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    SLAPPA : Manufacturer of CD/DVD Cases | iPod Cases | PSP Cases | Laptop Bags & Backpacks

    Really rad bags - they offer 10% off - Free Shipping (over 89 bucks) and 10% donation to the Troops! ....and they are rain & puncture Proof!

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    Default Re: I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    Nope, I don't know of any that are stylish and affordable. You might want to consider something that doesn't advertise "I've got an expensive computer in here." The computer sized case with DELL on it in big letters is a lot more likely to vanish if you turn your back for 30 seconds than the old duffel bag, even if it's not entirely appropriate for the board room.

  10. Default Re: I Need a Laptop Messenger Bag!

    Not sure how stylish this is but it fits the
    cheap description.. at $29 bucks it's probably the cheapest you'll find .. elsewhere they run about $50.

    Belkin 17 Messenger Bag. You can order it online.

    Sam's Club - Belkin Notebook Messenger Bag - 17"
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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