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  1. Default happenings at ne 63rd and sooner

    Does anyone know what is happening at NE 63rd and Sooner?! There is a very small run down gas station on the NW corner of the street and quite a few white RV's parked on 63rd.. And a sheriff there for security I assume.. It looks like a movie set or something... Any clues?

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    several posters have been talking about this for awhile, from what I can tell, no one has verified anything although it is believed to be film crews for the new tv show Saving Grace. Check out that thread for more info..

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    they were filming the Hollywood horror movie "Splinter" there, some info on it at the links below. Basically a genetically disfigured creature attacks a group of kids in a gas station. I went by a few times during the day but just a skeleton crew around, so probably were doing night shooting. They are all gone now.

    Splinter (2008)

    Variety.com - ContentFilm gets a 'Splinter'

    ContentFilm : News : Latest Press Releases

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    Oh, yea....another zombie movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuatrodeMayo View Post
    Oh, yea....another zombie movie.
    did you hear about Flight Of The Living Dead? a group of flesh eating zombies are let loose on passengers of an airplane... I kid you not

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