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Thread: Orbach Murders: 25 years later and still unsolved

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksearls View Post
    Pete, I worked there too in like 80 or 81. Layaway and gift wrap upstairs at 50 Penn.
    Haha... I was there from the fall of 1979 through the end of 81.

    But at Crossroads, as I was a student at OU at the time.

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    I remember Mr Orbach. My Dad would buy his suits there. He had the ability to size a man up without a tape measure. They had listed the house to move to Florida. I believe his killers read the Ad.

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    Oh please tell the stories for that area that will remain untold!

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    1. traxx beat me to it.

    2. i remember the orbach's in 50 penn but can't remember the one in crossroads... was it in the space that later became rothschild's?


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    The Crossroads store was an original tenant, downstairs next to Dillard's.

    They ended up taking over the space next door, which was originally the Manhole, and making it a Varsity shop. The two stores were connected via a cutout in the dividing wall. So it was Dillard's, then the Varsity Shop, then Orbach's Men's, then the Record Bar and 5-7-9 took you all the way to the middle courtyard on the same side.

    When Orbach's over expanded and the economy started to soften, they turned the old Varsity space into an outlet for all their stores but the men's store remained in tact.

    Not only did the son (who had recently taken over from his parents who were tiny and super sweet) open several new locations, they also branched out into women's clothing. Things just kept getting worse and before long they started closing stores and soon they were just down to 50 Penn and then that went under. The son (Robert / Bob) was pretty much the antithesis of his parents: Huge, glowering, entitled (the old man had started with nothing) and general strongly disliked.

    Lots of conjecture that the murder of the parents was a professional job as a scare tactic / payback for debts accrued under the son's watch. Both of them were killed in an incredibly violent and ugly manner and no suspects were ever arrested.

    Pretty amazing since this was such a bloody scene in the middle of the day and in a close-knit neighborhood. I have always believed it was done by pros who weren't from here and who never came back.

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    Not to get too grisly but both the Orbach's had been badly beaten then had their throats slashed.

    I don't think I've ever heard of a burglar doing something like this, especially to a couple of sweet and feeble oldsters.

    As I said, they both were tiny and he was 87 years old at the time.

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    Didn't realize Robert had recently passed away.

    His older daughter Suellen has passed away but daughter Robin still lives in OKC:

    Robert Leon Orbach
    September 25, 1920 - February 18, 2012

    Bob Orbach was born September 25, 1920 and passed away peacefully on February 18, 2012 with his daughters by his side. He was the only son of Mildred Paul Orbach and Syrl C. Orbach. He was a very proud lifetime resident of Oklahoma City. He graduated from Classen High School in 1938. He attended The University of Illinois for 2 years and graduated from The University of Oklahoma in 1942. He was commissioned a lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Shortly before leaving to fight in Patton's 3rd Army in World War II he married Harriette Goldfain who he had known since early childhood. This marriage would span 57 years and would produce two daughters and a wondrous life. When Bob returned from the war he joined his parents in the family business which consisted of The Varsity Shop and children's departments in Rothschild's Department Store in downtown Oklahoma City. As Oklahoma City grew so did the business. Eventually they would leave Rothschild's to open Orbach's first in Tulsa then in Oklahoma City and Denver, CO. Orbach's clothing stores grew to be well respected throughout the region before closing in 1991.Even today many local men's clothiers learned their trade while working at Orbach's as young men. Throughout his life both he and his wife Harriette were deeply involved in the cultural nurturing of the arts in their community. They were chosen to be among the first Living Treasures of Oklahoma City in 2000. They were very supportive of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation through the production of a cookbook of Harriette's recipes handset by Bob on his antique letterpress. Bob's many hobbies included building reproductions of antique furniture which are treasured by many, both family and friends. In addition he loved gardening and puttering in his greenhouse, writing a newspaper called "The Flexible Voice" and a lifelong love of handset letterpress printing and golf. He was preceded in death by his parents and beloved wife Harriette. He is survived by two daughters Suellen Singer and her husband Richard and Robin Starke and her husband Craig. He is also survived by four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. His legacy to all who knew him should be his abiding love for his community, state, and nation.

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    Here is an ad from January 17, 1983 that shows 3 men's stores in OKC and 4 in Tulsa. They also had a couple boy's shops and varsity shops. I'd say at least 10 stores in total.

    This was about a year after the murder. Not long after this, they started closing stores and were completely gone by 1991.

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    I lived two blocks from the house. Worked the estate sale, I remembered the room to this day. The carpet cut in a square exposing the concrete floor, the ceiling painted in part with a stain blocking white. It is etched forever in the back of my mind.

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    My aunt and uncle lived close to this house and if I remember correctly Governor David Hall lived in that house before the Orbach's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billeboy View Post
    My aunt and uncle lived close to this house and if I remember correctly Governor David Hall lived in that house before the Orbach's.
    The Hall's lived a few houses up the street on Barnes, not in this house.

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