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Thread: Oklahoma Lakes: What's Open, What's Not

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    Flooding problems have forced some lakes to close, such as Arcadia Lake. In time for the Fourth of July, we've been working the phones here in the KOCO.com newsroom, gathering the latest information for holiday revelers looking for something to do on Independence Day.

    Here's what we know so far about these Oklahoma lakes:

    Lake Tenkiller: Open. All campsites open. A few boat ramps slightly damaged by rain, but lake almost 100 percent fully operational.

    Lake Carl Blackwell: Open. No limited access. Water level only one foot above normal and dropping quickly. Nothing affected for recreational use, only had minor damage to some roads.

    Lakes Hefner and Overholser: Both lakes are full but still open. No reason to be closed. They were able to capture or bypass all extra water, so didn't affect them.

    Fort Cobb: Open. 25 RV sties closed because of high water, but all other campsite still available. Nothing else affected.

    Keystone: State park has sites open. Boat ramps open. Lake open for recreational use, but all campsites closed except Washington Irving South. ATV trails still open. Lake is 29 ? feet above normal.

    Wewoka Lake: Open. No restricted access. All campsites are open.

    Fort Gibson Lake: All Class A parks and campsites are closed except for the Dam Site park. Several recreational areas and boat ramps also closed. Lake is very high with a lot of debris in it.

    Arbuckle Lake: Open. But, 50-60 of the lake's 400 campsites are closed. One boat ramp is closed now. The other two are open but might be shut down depending on whether they receive any more rain Tuesday night. Lake is 9 feet above normal and still rising.

    As of : Tue Jul 3, 6:05 PM

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    Well I know that Texoma is closed. The water is actually supposed to go over the top of our trailer house by this weekend. I don't know if anyone saw the pictures on News 9 the other night but the water is supposed to crest the dam.

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    I saw the footage on tv regarding Texoma! I was stunned! My son and his friends had been there last month just as the rains began. I called him on his cell to get out before it flooded. He had seen the news footage too and couldn't believe it.

    That is a disaster area! Condolences regarding your property, there.

    Today, we went to Lake Chickasha, which was opened, water lines up but not flooded. The lake didn't reek of even a fishy odor.

    The Wa****a River flows about a mile away and the roads going across the rural bridges were closed. It had actually gotten out of it's banks.

    We drove down one closed road to see the river and although the water had sufficiently subsided, you could see that it had flooded and the area absolutely REEKED with a terrible odor all around. Huge fallen trees and logs were strewn all over the bank as well as other debris.

    Cow pastures were flooded areas of solid water and waste. The top of their fence line was showing about 3 to 4 inches above the water line with cows standing out in the pasture-lake belly deep in water.

    We have not been able to get a bulldozer out to our rural acreages due to all of the water.

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