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    Default Bored? Nothing to do?

    Well, Oklahoma City is a different place than it was when I was growing up so you really don't have an excuse to be bored these days. Still, if you're just dismal and wanting to waste some time, you can watch this guy count to one million...that's right 1,000,000. Let me know how it goes.

    ABC 33/40
    ...this shortest straw has been pulled for you

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    Default Re: Bored? Nothing to do?

    talk about counting sheep. I think I may have found a new way to help me go to sleep

    it is almost addictive and I don't know why.

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    Default Re: Bored? Nothing to do?

    the first 9999 can be uttered relatively fast, but after that a person would average just under one iteration per second. let's say the average iteration takes 1.3 seconds to vocalize. ignoring factors such as sleeping and eating, such a task would therefore take roughly 361.1 hours or 15 days. no thanks.


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