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Thread: Centennial Parade

  1. Default Centennial Parade

    It's not too soon to make plans to attend the Oklahoma Centennial Parade, 10/14/07 at 2:00 p.m., said to be the most teriffic parade in Oklahoma history!

    See Doug Dawgz Blog: Oklahoma Centennial Parade

  2. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    I've revised the blog post, Doug Dawgz Blog: Oklahoma Centennial Parade , to include more images and some additional text. Unfortunately, I've not found a great deal more about the October 14 Centennial Parade's detail ... guess that will come as the event gets closer.

    As for "other" parades involving the centennial, here are some pics:

    Macy's 2006 Thanksgiving Day Parade

    2007 Rose Parade

    The Centennial Parade's Banner

    The Centennial All*Star Band in the Rose Parade

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    You're right, Doug. It's not too early. I'm presently planning a trip down there that weekend for the Mizzou-OU game and now I know to book a later flight home on Sunday or simply stay over until Monday. I'd love to be a part of the celebration.

  4. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Great, y_h! With some luck, the Hornets preseason game here may fall in that time period, too!

    I'd originally intended to stick some "vintage" parade pics in the Centennial Parade post, but I decided it should have its own post ... so here it is ...

    Doug Dawgz Blog: OKC Parades

    Here are the pics ... larger (usually 1024 px wide) pics are available in the blog ...

    July 4, 1890

    Same but zoomed in on the band

    An 1893 parade

    Easter parade, 1900, passing by the Turf Saloon

    Ladies Getting Ready for the above

    Teddy Roosevelt & Rough Riders parade, July 1900

    1906, probably Easter parade

    A 1907 parade, possibly statehood

    Streetcar stike - showing unhappy citizens in March 1911

    Another pic showing unhappy citizens while a meeting was going on by city leaders inside the hotel

    Parade by Carmen during the strike

    Parade when strike was over -- Police Chief Tilghman got hit by the lead car!

    Another view of the parade

    Gov. Walton's parade day after he was sworn into office - 1/9/1924

    Parade for Judy the Elephant in 1950

    A closer look of same

    Civil Rights parades usually started here in the early 60s

    Charlton Heston marched in 1961

    MLK, Jr. Parade 2004

    And, a couple of pics from 2006's Gay Pride parade

    That's a wrap!

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Why is it not on the 11/17?????? That is when we became a state!

  6. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    I'd suppose that the reason is that 10/14 is on the weekend (Sunday).

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Just wanted to remind everyone the Centennial Parade is coming up next weekend. It will be an event of the century unless you want to wait another 100 years.

    Parade Information
    TIME: Parade will step-off at 2:00 on Sunday, October 14th rain or shine and last approximately 1 1/2 hours from any one point. The Parade will also be broadcast live throughout the state of Oklahoma on OETA.

    ROUTE: The Parade will begin at Sheridan Ave. and Hudson and travel down Sheridan turning right onto Robinson, left onto Reno, left onto Gaylord and following onto Broadway before ending at 8th St.


    In 1907, Oklahoma began what has become a great journey as the 46th state in our great Union. A proud spirit drives this journey forward into the next hundred years with the accomplishments of her citizens, the contributions of her diverse cultures and a genuine warmth and friendliness. This journey will also wind through the streets of Oklahoma City on Sunday, October 14, 2007 as the Oklahoma Centennial Parade echoes this legacy: Oklahoma - A Unique History…An Extraordinary Future.

    With floats, giant helium-filled balloons, celebrities and marching bands, The Oklahoma Centennial Parade Presented by The Noble Corporation will be an event unlike any other the state has seen. Hundreds of thousands spectators will gather along the streets of Oklahoma City in addition to those watching at home on OETA. It is our chance to celebrate as a community that which binds us together - being an Oklahoman.

    OK Centennial Parade

  8. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Don't forget the Parade this upcoming weekend!

    Local celebs will help make parade grand

    Oklahoma Centennial Parade
    Day and time:2 p.m., Oct. 14.
    Where: Downtown Oklahoma City.

    Coming this week
    These are the stories we've planned for the week about the Oklahoma Centennial Parade:

    Tuesday: Planning for the parade has been a three-year process. We'll go behind the scenes to learn how the parade went from concept to reality.

    Wednesday: Did you know the parade won't be the only big-time event in downtown Oklahoma City on Oct. 14?

    Thursday: Before heading to the "grandest parade in state history,” organizers hope that Oklahomans will remember to show off a little bit of their hometown spirit.

    Friday: What's it going to take for OETA to televise the parade? What preparations must be made in downtown Oklahoma City?

    Saturday: We'll talk to a few celebrity parade participants.

    Sunday: We'll answer any last-minute questions you may have about the parade.
    Source: Oklahoma Centennial Commission

    That might sound like a claim designed to pique the public's interest. But a glance at a few of the parade's 100 entries wipes away doubt.

    It's not too often a parade has four astronauts, five Miss Americas, two Heisman Trophy winners and a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

    That's a sampling of those scheduled to appear in the Oct. 14 parade.

    The parade centers on the official centennial slogan, "Celebrate Oklahoma! A Unique History. An Extraordinary Future.” Professionally-designed floats, giant helium-filled balloons depicting Oklahoma icons and children's favorite characters, performance groups, celebrities and marching bands will roll beginning at 2 p.m. along a two-mile path through downtown Oklahoma City. Award-winning actor and Oklahoma native James Garner will be grand marshal.

    The parade will be presented by the Noble Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and one of the world's largest offshore drilling companies.

    "The Oklahoma Centennial Parade is a fantastic statewide celebration for all Oklahomans. It is a grand celebration of our state and the many contributions we've made to agriculture, energy, aviation, sports, science, and of course, entertainment,” said Blake Wade, Oklahoma Centennial Commission executive director.

    "This parade, like many Oklahoma achievements, is a grand testament to the vision of our citizens and the volunteers from all corners of this magnificent state who have come together to make this a special event for all Oklahoma families.”
    Eleven themes will focus on aspects of state culture: "A Unique History — An Extraordinary Future,” America's heartland, American Indians, black gold, building minds, country music capital, cutting edge, growin' strong, home of champions, Oklahoma rising and state of the arts.

    Well-known Oklahomans scheduled to appear in the parade include Gov. Brad Henry and first lady Kim Henry, musicians Byron Berline, Ty England, Katrina Elam and Bryan White, astronauts Owen Garriott, John Herrington, William Pogue and Thomas Stafford, sports greats Johnny Bench, Shannon Miller, Steve Owens, Billy Sims, John Smith, Eddie Sutton and Jason White and Miss Americas Jane Jayroe Gamble (1967), Susan Powell (1981), Shawntel Smith Wuerch (1996), Jennifer Berry Gooden (2006) and Lauren Nelson (2007). Organizers said the parade, which is free and open to the public, should be 1½ hours long. OETA will televise the parade live across the state

    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Centennial Parade to draw thousands

    October 12, 2007

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The most anticipated event of the Oklahoma centennial celebration is just two days away. The downtown area will be transformed in one giant celebration Sunday for the Centennial Parade, which is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

    Oklahoma native and famed actor James Garner and Miss America Lauren Nelson will be co-parade marshals and will welcome the hundreds of participants and the thousands of onlookers as bands, floats and helium-filled giant balloons will be presented.

    The parade will begin at Hudson and Sheridan avenues, move east to Robinson Avenue, then south one block to Reno Avenue, east to E.K. Gaylord Boulevard, and north to NW Eighth Street. The route is about one mile in length.

    Lee Allan Smith, president of Oklahoma Events Inc., said it will be the result of four years of preparations. “We’ve been planning it a long time and we call it the grandest parade in Oklahoma,” he said. “We hope the rain stays away, but we’ll have it even if it rains.”There could be up to 100,000 spectators, providing it is clear weather, and even if it rains, the streets will be packed, Smith said. “It’s hard to say how many people we’ll have; we don’t have many parades,” Smith said. “If it’s a day like today (Thursday), we could get the 100,000, or even more. Either way we expect a good crowd. It’s been heavily promoted and talked about for quite a while and has had a lot of support.”

    A flyover by a B-2 bomber will signal the beginning of the parade. Smith said spectators should arrive early.“There’s a lot of parking downtown, but we’ll also have three Park and Ride areas – Remington Park, Crossroads Mall and the State Fair,” he said. “People can park there, pay $1, and the buses will take them right up to the action.”

    The parade will be an hour and a half long and will have 3,400 participants. There will be 12 bands, 11 large floats and 13 giant helium-filled balloons. Jeanie Edney, deputy director of Oklahoma Centennial Commission, said organizers learned plenty by participating in the Macy’s Parade in New York City and the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, Calif.The parade will have 11 themes, all having to do with the state and its history, including oil, agriculture, aerospace, American Indians, and others. It will be televised live on OETA and repeated later that night.Copyright

    The Journal Record

  10. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    I've never beed to a Parade downtown so can anyone recommend a good place to park? Do they charge to park on the streets on the weekends.. I don't think the meters are running but I want to make sure.
    and recommendations needed for the best place to actually watch the parade.. I'd like some shade preferably.. and also, should we bring chairs? or an Ice Chest with water??? Who else is planning on going?

    Anyone going to try the buses?
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Just to recap, meters do not charge on weekends or weekdays after 6pm. I'd get there an hour or more early. Downtown streets close at 1:30pm.

  12. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    I'm not sure, Karrie ... what we are planning to do is:

    1) Park my car in the Broadway/Kerr garage this morning (if it's open; Santa Fe parking if not) ... my wife will follow me down ...

    2) When it's time to go, get a taxi to the garage and watch the parade from the garage by the car. The parade passes by the "round" part of the Broadway/Kerr garage and it should give a good vantage point.

    3) Drive the car home when the parade is done. That may make us "stuck" there until it's OK to drive downtown again ... so that's a possible flaw in the plan.

    But, I can't think of anything better.

  13. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    From NewsOK:

    Doug, here might be some more options if that doesn't work.

    Five years of planning culiminate at 2 p.m. today when the Oklahoma Centennial Parade takes to the streets of downtown Oklahoma City.

    The free 1½-hour parade is billed as the "grandest” in the state's history.
    Professionaly designed floats, balloons depicting Oklahoma icons and children's characters, performances, celebrities and marching bands will roll along a two-mile path. Emmy Award-winning actor and Oklahoma native James Garner will be grand marshal.

    "The interest in this grand parade has been overwhelming with local churches, museums and businesses showing their support with many pre-parade activities,” said Lee Allan Smith. As president of OK Events — a subsidiary of Oklahoma City-based Ackerman McQueen and the planning arm for the parade — Smith has overseen nearly every detail.

    Here's what parade lovers need to know:

    Two Oklahoma City-based television stations and The Oklahoman's Web site will broadcast the parade live.

    •KFOR-4 (Cox 3).
    •OETA (Cox 14).
    KAUT-43 (Cox 16) will rebroadcast the parade at 6 p.m. today.
    Roundtrip park-and-rides will be available for $1 per person. Buses will be provided by the Oklahoma City School District.

    Buses will leave pick-up locations every 10 minutes. The last bus will leave the parade area at 6 p.m.
    Pick-up locations:
    •South of the State Fair Grandstand. Riders will be dropped off at Robert S. Kerr and Robinson avenues.
    •Crossroads Mall west parking lot. Riders will be dropped off at Reno Avenue and Mickey Mantle Drive.
    •Remington Park northwest parking lot. Riders will be dropped at NE 6 and Oklahoma Avenue.
    Several city-owned parking lots and garages will be open. For more information, go to www.parkingokc.com and www.downtownokc.com.

    Nearly 880 free spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Oklahoma County parking garage, on the northeast corner of Robert S. Kerr and Hudson avenues. The lot will be open noon to 6 p.m.

    The parade will start at Hudson and Sheridan avenues, go west on Sheridan, south on Robinson Avenue, west on Reno Avenue, north on E.K. Bouelvard and end at NW Eighth and Broadway Avenue.

    The parade will stop for performances on Sheridan Avenue between Hudson and Robinson avenues.

    Street closings
    Beginning at 9 a.m. today:

    •Main Street between Classen Boulevard and Hudson Avenue.
    •Sheridan Avenue between Fred Jones and Hudson avenues.
    •California Avenue between Fred Jones and Walker avenues.
    •Shartel, Lee and Dewey avenues between Main Street and Reno Avenue.
    Beginning at noon today:
    •NW 10, NW 9, NW 8, NW 7, NW 6 between Hudson and Oklahoma avenues.
    •Broadway Circle.
    •Broadway Avenue and Broadway Place between NW 10 and NW 13.
    No bleachers are available for the public. Parade-goers are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets.

    People are encouraged to arrive early to get a good viewing area, organizers said. Seating is first-come, first-served.

    The best parking and seating for those with special needs will be near NW Fourth and Broadway Avenue.


    Rain or shine, the show will go on. But organizers are making contingency plans, which will allow some wiggle room.

    In case of high winds, balloons will be tethered closer to the ground, Smith said. Organizers will watch the radar closely, Smith said, and if it's possible to delay the parade a few minutes to miss a heavy downpour, they will consider doing so.
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

  14. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Thanks, Karrie, I was just about to post what you did! Mary Jo is now a little uncertain about whether to go so my "plan" may change ... if it's just "me", it might be more fun to follow the parade a bit as it meanders its way through downtown, if that is possible.

    On edit at 11:15. Mary Jo decided to go. Just executed the "Plan" and parked in the Broadway/Kerr garage for $5. Talked to a policeman (they are EVERYWHERE) and the garage attendant (which had lots of spaces as of 10:35) and she said my "Plan" worked well ... there were plenty of people camped out on Broadway & Gaylord already ... this is going to be exciting!

  15. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    went to it. didnt think it was that good at all. for a parade that comes around once a century i thought it was a huge let down.
    our floats in the rose parade were way better than any at this one.
    the best part was the stealth bomber flying overhead to start the thing.

  16. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    I thought it was great!!!
    lots of fun to me anyways...
    The floats, marching, bands, helium balloons
    were all awesome and my friends liked it to!!!

  17. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    fromdust, I have to agree with you.. I guess I was so excited about it and it was so built up .. really, it was pretty anti-climatic. We left our home at 11:30 am .. parked on Main Street, walked to the Myriad Gardens, found a spot in the shade right near where they filmed the parade and where all the shows took place... placed our chairs, went to grab a burger and came back. The kids were excited but once it started, they were so bored..after 15 min they elected to listen to their Ipods instead... it was frankly, pretty uneventful and a little boring. All around me, people seemed to feel the same way. I'm really disappointed. I guess I had high expectations.

    The stealth bomber by far was the most exciting thing.

    Rocket man made an appearance but really all we heard was the noise of the rocket and saw him for a few seconds and that was it.

    Oh well, it wasn't terrible .. I just think I had too high expectations. The excitement factor just wasn't there.
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

  18. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Quote Originally Posted by Karried View Post

    Oh well, it wasn't terrible .. I just think I had too high expectations. The excitement factor just wasn't there.
    no we didnt have too high of expectaions. this only happens ONCE in our lifetime. they didnt even have a grand finale!

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    I watched the TV version on OETA.

  20. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    I watched the TV version on OETA.
    In retrospect, I wish I had done the same!
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    It took something away from it when there was about 10 minutes between everything that passed. We got there late and left early. The highlight of the time was seeing the heisman winners.

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    I just got off the phone with my parents. They went down today and sat with friends in the VIP section across from the Cox / Ford Center.

    My dad said of the spectacle, and I quote: "That was the most underwhelming, over-hyped, expensive pile of #@*& I have ever experienced." He then had a few choice words about the Centennial "organizer," but I'll leave that part out of this commentary.

    I sat in the VVIP section of my own living room, remote in hand, ready to flip to another station when the cheese factor got too high for my tastes. I made it about half an hour.

    Mom pretty much echoed my dad's sentiment, although she did give props to the OU, Langston and Broken Arrow Marching Bands, and the horses. Everyone in their party, as well as many of the folks sitting around them, had similar opinions of it all.

    Mom also noted the lull in between floats or groups, and complained that the "Miss Americas" were not present.

    I told her the Miss Americas were busy performing their TV duties and were giving commentary and/or acting as "sideline" reporters for the OETA broadcast.

    We surmised that the lull in between some of the groups was due to the fact that some of the floats or cars with celebrities stopped at the media station in front of the Myriad Gardens. In some instances, these dignitaries were interviewed by one of the Miss Americas. In other instances, a performer would stop to sing for the TV broadcast. As such, they held up the parade behind them for however long it took them to perform.

    On a side note: Mom also noted that the Cox Center parking lot (underneath the convention center) was virtually EMPTY!!! She wasn't sure if the entire lot or just a portion of it, was supposed to have been reserved for those with VIP passes. She said when they got there at 12:30 (to take their bleacher seats), and then again when they left, there were no more than 60-75 cars in the entire lot, that it was virtually empty. What a WASTE.

    As I write this, I'm watching the finale on the PBS re-broadcast now because one of the singers is a girl I went to high school with. All I can say is "ugh."

  23. Default Re: Centennial Parade

    My dad said of the spectacle, and I quote: "That was the most underwhelming, over-hyped, expensive pile of #@*& I have ever experienced."
    That about sums it up, (very nicely I might add!)

    It is a shame actually...and very sad.. I can't figure out exactly what went wrong.. it just was so bland
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    Thanks, Lee Allan Smith. Another monumental dud.

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    Default Re: Centennial Parade

    For sure it was overhyped, I think they tried to be a Rose Bowl, but failed, for me it was like watching a broadway show.... glad I did not go, did a split screen with more exciting football games

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